Come see my customized St Louis GM! ***pics***

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  1. Hey K!!!! Just now saw this thread. OMG, what a beauty you got! Looks fab on ya!
  2. Gorgeous ~ Congrats!
  3. gorgeous. i have a white in fidji. i get lots of complements. i know yours will too. congrats.
  4. Hope you don't mind me bumping, I must have missed this and can't believe I never came across your thread. What a stunning colour combo! Love it!
  5. ^ Thanks!! So fun to revisit this thread, thank you for reviving it - I must admit my St Louis hasnt seen the light of day lately but I still love it! I was at the Goyard boutique in SF recently and it made me fall back in love with the brand all over again!
  6. I love it on you K! After my long stint with Balenciaga (boo to the recent price increase and decrease in giant hardware size), I am here in Goyard, trying to add variety to my purse collection. Just bought a Navy GM, but it overwhelms me (great for my work at the gym though). The size is perfect for your taller frame. Hope you take it out again soon!
  7. Roey I bet the GM looks smashing on you! You've got a KILLER body and the bag would just accentuate your figure! You are nuts:biggrin:

    I wasn't a fan of the white and looking at your pics with the colour combo stripes made me think a white is in my future:lol: It's so nicely done and really wows the bag. I am in lurve! :P
  8. Did I miss something? SCP has Goyard? Huh? Say WHAT?!
    Did you forget to invite me? lol I'd be there in a FLASHHHHHHhhhhhhh.
    YW on reviving the thread. I wanted to see what pics I have missed out on.
    This deserves to be stickied!
  9. roey - I totally agree with PSS, I'm sure the navy GM looks great on you! Have you posted modeling pics anywhere?

    PSS - The only Goyard boutique is in San Francisco, but of course Barneys in BH carries them. ahertz, oogie and I all live in So Cal, are you in the area too?
  10. Yup, it's in my thread titled Reds.

    That's the next color I'm eying in the PM size.


  11. I have a house in Palm Springs and I come down to shop. I met a few ladies from another forum and we all had a mini get together. It was wonderful and the women were drop dead gorgeous! You know who you are!:biggrin:
    I'd definitely come to play if i were in the States when you meet up:nuts:
  12. Not to be funny but don't you wish the letters were just bigger? Just looks wrong that they are within the confines of the stripe.
  13. I think what I meant was that the "goyard girls" needed a SCP outing. But it was a long time ago...who knows what I meant!
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