College students: what's in your collection?

  1. I'm going into my senior year of college. Thankfully, I still live with my parents so I don't have to pay for rent, utility bills, tuition, etc. However, I do have my own credit cards and a cell phone bill to pay because I have a part time job in retail. My handbag collection is relatively small right now, but I do plan to expand once I graduate and have a career.

    Currently, this is what I have:
    1 Rebecca Minkoff MAM in navy blue
    1 Marc by Marc Jacobs Hillier Hobo in bright blue
    1 Coach wristlet in a grey color
    1 Longchamp Le Pliage in navy blue
    1 the Sak Silverlake hobo in black

    My mom owns a LV Speedy which she hardly ever uses. So sometimes, I'm able to use it. :sneaky:
    I have paid for all my bags, except for the Coach wristlet and the Sak bag, which were gifts from my boyfriend. :smooch: I don't really have that much money to spend on bags because I don't get paid much from my job. Most of my money goes toward going out, food, drinking...NYC is super expensive!! But hopefully, once I graduate and start my career, I can start saving up for the more expensive bags.
  2. I am a member of college students. Nowadays, many college students often do some port time job when they are out of class, so that they also have a substantial incomes. Like me, I always do as a tutor at weekends. I teach the senior students. I get $30/h. After a half years, I can absolutely buy my favorite Gucci handbags!:smile:
  3. 3 Chanel bags
    1 BCBG clutch
    1 D&B bag
    2 Juicy Couture bags
    2 LV wallets
    1 LV luggage
    2 Gucci bags
  4. i work for my bags but sometimes my mom would pitch in a little if its something i really love. Also, most of my collection i get 2nd hand from other family members.... so then i dont have to pay for them.

    dont mind using 2nd hand...
  5. I'm in uni. Some of my bags were gifts and some bought by myself. :smile:
    So far I have..
    - Rebecca Minkoff MAB
    - Rebecca Minkoff MAC x2
    - LV Neverfull MM
    - Gucci studded pelham tote
    - YSL bow bag
    - Miu Miu studded shopper tote
    - Miu Miu bow bag
    - Ferragamo evening bag
    - Balenciaga City bag
    - Chanel Jumbo Classic Flap
  6. this thread made me smile and wonder why you wonder.. so here's my answer (:

    I own:

    - a Prada bag (Tessuto Vernice)
    - Miu Miu deerskin shoulder bag
    - Coach messenger bag
    - 2 Coach wristlets - bought them at the outlet in Boston so pretty darn good deal!
    - Oroton Shopping Tote
    - Hermes H Belt

    and on top of that, I also bought my mum the LV Epi Passy GM for her birthday! (:

    I'm doing my Bachelor degree now and No, I don't have a rich boyfriend. My parents wouldn't support the idea of buying 'unnecessary' goods either. I also have no part-time job and still have to pay rent and support myself. I just happen to receive the scholarship for my degree as well as some extra 'pocket' money from the scholarship.. so I use it to spend on bags, travel and good food insteads of saving up like the others. What can I say.. we all prefer different things (: hope this would clarify your curiosity.
  7. Chanel black jumbo flap, turquoise Balenciaga city, brown Balenciaga twiggy, Christian Dior messenger, small nylon Prada bag, Marc by Marc Jacobs Petal to the Metal Sasha, and a few Longchamp totes.
  8. my collection is rathe small. but I LOVE it.

    I dont really use my juicy rabbit fur bag anymore. I dont really use my 2 coach bags either. I use a juicy bag that my boyfriend gave me as a beat around bag because i hated the bag from the moment I got it, but I would feel bad not wearing it at all. I have a chanel classic flap black caviar with GHW that I ADORE. Also, I have the limited edition LV Neo in mono. In terms of wallets, I have the vernis sarah neoud wallet in pomme and next week, I will have the insolite in leopard blanc corail (fingers crossed!)
  9. my collection in small, but I've paid for all of it! I have 4 coach bags and a fabulous J crew bag. A als have a few coach wallets. Nothing too intense, but when I have a stable financial situation I will invest in some new bags.
  10. Not counting non designer bags or coach bags which I have about 10 of but i really don't consider designer my collection is......

    -alexander wang rocco
    -alexander wang brenda
    -miu miu mini bow
    -rebecca minkoff nikki
    -rebecca minkoff 3 zip rocker
    i also have a rebecca minkoff and proenza schouler wallet

    I'm currently working and in school so I'm very lucky to have a mother who indulges my habit :smile: I do love my collection because I don't buy any bag before I'm sure it's exactly what I want. I spent a long time falling into the trap of buying a bunch of cheaper bags I didnt really want because I felt bag spending so much money on a bag I really wanted.
  11. College junior here.

    No, I'm not rich.
    No, my parents aren't rich.
    No, my fiance isn't rich.
    And no, no one gifts me bags.

    I go to school on a scholarship, so I don't have to pay for tuition, etc. I live in a small, cramped, old dormitory room with several other girls (as in one is always at the very least 4-6 feet away) to save money (not having to pay rent/buy food, etc). I work a job, five days a week at the least. I own only a couple of Coach bags, some Dooney and Bourke, and one Louis Vuitton. All funded by my own hard work.
  12. i'm in college and have NO job. I save my lunch money,birthday and x-mas money, litterally. untill now iv only saved to buy clothes and take-out. Then this year my bday came around and I realized "omg, I could buy my dream bag!!" For years I admired balenciaga but NEVERRRR considered actually buying one....But I got her and I'm soooooo verry pleased...except now I'v decided i'm getting a bag for every bday...why not?:shrugs:
  13. oh...and i currently have one bag worth mentioning...a Vieux Rose RGGH city.:hbeat:
  14. Linea Pelle Dylan shoulder bag
    Louis Vuittion Speedy 25
    Rebecca Minkoff Boyfriend Mini bag
  15. My bag collection:
    LV Damier Ebene Speedy 25
    LV Damier Ebene Neverfall GM
    LV Damier Azur Totally MM
    LV Monogram Montorgueil PM
    LV Damier Ebene Pochette
    LV Monogram wallet

    As you can probably tell, I absolutely adore Louis Vuitton! Most of these were purchased on my own, but a few were given to me as presents.