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  1. I love Frye boots as well- I have 2 pair of regular boots (classic styling) and a pair of mules which I adore- they are soooo comfortable and they are beautifully made. Your new booties are gorgie- wear them in good health!
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  2. Thanks! They are very comfy. A couple of them have required a break in period but afterwards I can easily wear them all day.
  3. Longchamp Le Pliage Cuir Small in Khaki

  4. Will start using my Kate Spade Cameron Street small Hayden tomorrow in stony blue:smile: It was one of my Christmas gifts. 20181227_143358.jpg
  5. Christmas gift I picked out from hubby. It's pre-loved, from Yoogis. I have a haymarket pochette and wanted a larger bag too. Haymarket is the only Burberry pattern I really like though, and they don't seem to make it anymore??? So I found this one pre-loved, and am very happy. It's big, but can go shoulder, crossbody, crook of arm, however you want.

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  6. My 2nd Bree convertible backpack by Rebecca Minkoff. I have black w silver stud detail & now add tan with rose gold stud detail.
  7. IMG_0450.JPG Italian bag with French bag charm
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  8. I know its freezing in California right now but I wanted these last summer and couldn't get over the price. Just found them brand new and on sale for an excellent price so I couldn't resist.
  9. The woven circle crossbody in lipstick (pink). My first and probably only Henri Bendel since they're closing. I was so sure I was going to return it before it even arrived. But it's a fun little bag! 20190104_164554.jpg
  10. Wow I did not know Bendels was closing; where will the Gossip Girls shop now?

    But in all seriousness, such a cute bag! I see they also have the matching strap online :P what is the closure on the bag?
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  11. The closure is two magnetic snaps and thr sides are white. They had a mini green version of it but I waited too long. So I decided to snap this one up. I saw the strap too and thought about getting as an alternative for a different bag. Yesterday it was sold out. 20190104_223939.jpg 20190104_224242.jpg
  12. Finally snagged a monogram pochette by stalking the LV website. IMG_8918.JPG
  13. Oh man, now you have me looking on the Henri Bendel site. Wow so many great colors!
  14. So I blame @Satcheldoll for my recent purchases lol. I never paid attention to this brand before I saw her pretty reveal. I'm on a purse ban, but SLGs don't count so I picked up a passport holder and a cosmetic case. Love these dustbags they give you too!

    Also, apparently I should also ban myself from buying SLGs .. We'll start that tomorrow....
  15. Sorry. These are so cute! You're lucky to live near a store. My only option was the website. I probably would have gotten some SLGs instead of the bag but it's just about wiped out and not much to choose from.
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