Coachies: Post Your Non Coach Purchases Here!

  1. I haven't bought another label since I fell in love with Coach a few months ago. Dying to see what others are getting! I actually sold a lot to finance my Coach collection but I have LV, Treesje, Gryson, LP, F+C, Botkier, Goldenbleu, Jenny Yuen, Kale, RM and 1 Tylie Malibu.
  2. I do love these!! Dooney and Bourke Florentine Satchels.....Ostrich and Dusty Blue!!!
    LOVE, LOVE the leather!!!!
    OstrichFloretineSatchelApril2012.jpg DBLeatherFloretineBlueSatchelJune2012.jpg
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  3. :drool: these are gorgeous! I just snagged one in red on sale and I'm debating - the leather and bag is amazing, I've been looking at them for a while now :smile:
  4. When I go to Orlando I hope the dooney outlets has some Florentine Satchels ;)
  5. Yes, I am sucker for this bag!......this is the kind of leather I the 65th anniversary LEGACY leather from Coach....heavy, saddle-like!! I have these 2 colors and hoping maybe to snag the orange soon!!! This bag from DB is and will be a classic so if you like it you better get one!!!

  6. I love ya blue and I love the red, and the saddle and hell ALL the colors
  7. I just got this bag last Thursday. I love it ! Its the regular size in Natural.
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  8. WOW!! Those bags are beautiful!
  9. Here is the Fall scarecrow fob leatherprince made for me. I posted this a while back but it got moved to another forum so not sure who saw it.

  10. This is my lovely small d&b florentine satchel in natural. Love!!!!
    image-2005909492.jpg image-509273226.jpg
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  11. Can we only post DB?
  12. I don't think so. I'd love to see others as well. It's just that the florentine bag is very "in" lately. ;)
  13. I have been on a hiatus with coach lately and have been indulging in other designers, although, the new fall line has pulled me back into the arms of coach. Anyway, here are some of my goodies - balenciaga giant velo gold Hamilton and silver
  14. Perfect

    I would like to share my non Coach

    1) Balenciaga Part Time

    2) LV Neverfull MM

    3) LV Speedy 30

    Love them :hbeat: thanks for letting me share
    Bal.jpg NF.jpg Speedy1.jpg
  15. Here are my recently acquired summer bags from lv- galliera and artsy in azur