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  1. I have a number of Frye bags but have never seen the need to dunk one. I think the Frye leather is much more stiff than the vintage Coach leather and not nearly as thick. I wouldn't try it.

    I'm curious why you're so worried about a brand new bag. The leather that forms the flap will take that shape, as it would on any flap bag. If you're worried about the fringes wrinkling, just hang it for a day before you want to carry it.

    Overall I think that the Frye bags make up in style what they lack in leather quality, especially when compared to vintage Coach. I buy Frye when I want to channel my inner hippy. I buy Coach for who I am now.
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  3. Dooney & Bourke Pembrook Claire satchel in bordeaux 20181217_192330.jpg
  4. Congrats on this beauty!!!! Such a lovely color!!
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  5. Wow, I never would have thought that was DB. They have stepped up their style! So chic!

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  6. Thank you! Yes, I really love the rich color!
    That's exactly what I thought when I first saw the bag.
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  7. This bag is so freaking pretty! If I didn't just buy three new bags, I'd snatch one up. I'll have to keep an eye out more on Frye bags when I'm ready to get something new.
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  8. Thanks! I have been coveting the Ilana saddle bag for months but I couldn't decide which one because I loved all the styles and colors!

    It seems Frye bags aren't super popular so it seems like you'll have a good chance of getting one of the styles later on if you decide to splurge :P

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  9. New to me Balenciaga city bag - 2010 Bleu Roi

    20181218_181638.jpg 20181218_181534.jpg

    Such a soft supple leather and since its new to me and broken in a bit I don't have to baby it too much also a plus!
  10. Pretty! I love my Bal!
  11. Great bag! That's why I love pre-owned bags, I can use them without being scared of damaging them. It's kind of freeing not to have to baby a new bag.
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  12. Bottega Veneta baseball hobo made of deerskin. bv bottega veneta baseball cervo hobo black014.jpg
  13. I think you summed it up nicely. I have been using a crossbody Frye bag for a few months now- purchased at Nordie Anni sale a year ago. It has held up splendidly- I have not felt the need to wash it (I do not dunk any of my bags- I have never felt the need to take such drastic measures) and I do not baby it at all. The scuffs/scratches and patina add to the beauty of the bag. I would say the overall quality/styling is excellent and on par with Coach but as stated, the leather is not quite as refined as Coach. Frye fills my throwback '70's BoHo wardrobe dreams!
  14. Merry Christmas to me!

    The Louis Vuitton Pochette Accessoires Mono, the L’air du jardin candle, and some Laduree macaroons from my SIL’s visiting brother. 1A1FC8DE-303A-4FB1-A66F-FEEE66AE13C8.jpeg A8E39714-CA44-4871-8AD4-0E6A5E16DF75.jpeg C1A7B81E-4C23-4FE8-A84E-271AC1728D24.jpeg
  15. I've never had experience with Frye bags but I love their boots. I have 7 pairs, some I've owned for years and they're still going strong. This is my newest pair, they're my Christmas gift from my husband but I couldn't wait that long to wear them so I took them on their maiden voyage today! I think they're called the Ray Moto bootie. He also got me a pair called Ray Western bootie in brown. They're similar to this but the buckle has a more Western look. Those ones are wrapped up under the tree.
    I've looked at their bags and also love the '70s boho style but just have never tried one out.