Coachies: Post Your Non Coach Purchases Here!

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  1. I'm about an hour away I had to exchange some sneakers for DH so I figure I should get something for having to make the drive haha. The store had quite a few SLGs. I was tempted to get this small woc type bag in the same petrol, but I resisted. I noticed the website looked pretty cleaned out. This store closes mid-January, but had a lot of stock left. I wonder when the deeper discounts happen? May be worth another drive there.
  2. My first March Jacobs bag,

    I love that he made the bag charm a sample approval ticket so cute!
  3. The company has stated they won't be doing any deep "closing" discounts/sales.
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  4. Picked up this Le pilage club collection backpack yesterday It's so tiny and cute ♥️
  5. My kate spade seahorse bag

  6. This bag was a gift and I got the perfect Coach bag charm to match :smile:
  7. I love Kipling. Great for travel, lots of pockets and straps long enough to crossbody. And I attach my coach bag charms too.
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  8. I just purchased a Liberty London Marlborough Tote in Rainbow; I've been wanting to purchase one of their totes for awhile and I really like this version (although the tassel may need to go). I absolutely adore my two LV Neverfulls (Damier Ebene and Damier Azur), and I wanted an alternative for when I don't want to carry LV and/or I don't want to worry about the vachetta on my DA version.

    Does anyone have any experience with these totes? I ordered a toiletry bag from them awhile ago to try out the fabric only to find out that particular item isn't coated canvas. I liked it enough to give their coated line a try. At only 247 GBP, it's not a huge risk anyway.

    Liberty London Marlborough Tote Rainbow.jpg
  9. This is so pretty!
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  10. Thank you, I think so too. I hope I like it; it’s bigger than my other totes but will be great when i want something completely under the radar. :smile:
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  11. This looks like a really great and durable tote. Looks great for travel and commuting.
    Does it have a zipper closure on top?
  12. Love all the colors!
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  13. So pretty!
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  14. Thanks!
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  15. It does have a zip on top its very durable love it so far! the straps are a bit short for me but I'm making it work lol
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