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  1. Here is my latest rehab project, a black City Bag 9790 that was made in Turkey in 1996 and kindly authenticated by Hyacinth. (I was surprised to discover that Coach had made bags in Turkey at one time!)

    I bought the bag at the Salvation Army Thrift Store for $20. That's more than I usually care to spend on a rehab project but it is such a lovely, classic bag and I could see that it was in very good shape, just scuffed and dirty. :sad:

    I gave her a much-needed bath and conditioning, polished the hardware, and touched up the edging on the strap with permanent, acryllic black fabric paint. It didn't take much work and now she looks all pretty again! :biggrin:

    Here are some before pics; I will post the after pics with the next message.
    BlkCityBag008.jpg BlkCityBag006.jpg BlkCityBag007.jpg BlkCityBag009.jpg BlkCityBag011.jpg
  2. Here are rehab after pics of the black City Bag. She just gleams! I'll bet the original owner would be surprised to see her now!
    Black City Bag - after 001.jpg Black City Bag - after 003.JPG Black City Bag - after 005.JPG Black City Bag - after 009.JPG Black City Bag - after 011.JPG
  3. Looks amazing! Great job! Well worth the $20.00 now!
  4. I know! You can still order this bag new from for $278!
    citybag stock.jpg
  5. WOW...I SO want a City Bag now! (Totally serious, btw)

    I only want two more black bags (right now), and I think a black City Bag would be a great second! From what I have seen with the rehabs done on this site, I'm now confident I can take a vintage, glove tanned leather bag from shabby to chic with the right tools and a little elbow grease!

    My first (I hope I can find one in good shape) is a Neo large hobo tote - I have yet to see one on the Bay, and I would even take it in brown if one emerged.

  6. In the meantime, I have a theory on how to repair a chip in the patent leather on a front corner of my Ocean dome satchel (in my avatar). Just noticed that it was damaged the other day, and I thank God that I didn't freak out. I'm working it out in my head now, and will post before and after pics on this thread when I'm done.

    Anyone know how to polish or buff the metal plates on Neo bags? Just noticed that my one surviving Neo has MAJOR scratches on the Coach plate, and ANY improvement would be worth the effort, IMO.

  7. I LOVE the regina bag! It will look so nice once you are done!:biggrin:

  8. WOW!!!! Your ROCK at rehabbing! They are awesome bags!!!!!
  9. Good luck! Be sure and show us the before and after pics! Members of the rescue and rehab club love to see the overhaul results!

    I was hesitatant to try and do a rehab at first but I went forward thanks to all the good advice and encouragement that I got from all the experts on this site. I started with a very cheap bag as a "test case".

    I have only done major rehabs on older, unlined bags (like the City Bag). I think that any lined bags that need serious attention would be much more complicated, but I may be my nerve up to try it sometime!

    I am not familar with the Neo large hobo tote, do you have a picture?
  10. Here's my poor baby - Model E8E-6210. I may be wrong about the name of the bag, though. Bunny, Hyacinth, or any of the other Coach sages, please assist :smile:

    She was already a little worn (inherited her from my BF - we both were in love with the Neo line in college, so she is over a decade old!) but when she accidentally found her way into the washing machine, it was a complete wrap. I just use her to hold toiletries and other things when I travel. I can't bring myself to throw away a functional bag of this size, even if I can't carry her in public.

    I am desperately in search for a black one or even a brown one, but I have never seen one on the Bay. If anyone sees one, is it appropriate to notify me via PM? I know it's looked down upon in the open forum.
  11. I am not familar with that bag, you should post it in the ID this Coach Bag thread to get expert input. Good luck!
  12. I would totally suggest doing a lined item just for the experience... I did it with the pebbled Sonoma wallet I have and it came out fine. I think it's the bags with the glue at the edges of the lining meets bag leather is where it gets tricky... like the Neo line.

    I'll keep an eye out if I see anything like that. Most of the Neo stuff I find online is in HORRIBLE condition, and I'd never suggest anyone to buy it. I'm lucky I found my brown neo accessories in good condition...
  13. It's called a Neo Zip Hobo.

    When you're searching on eBay, along with the style number also use Neoprene and Microfiber in your search. I've had a few Neos come up with those descriptions.
  14. I have fallen for a few of the older Coach lines. I picked up a City and two other 'unknowns' dirt cheap at a thrift. I'll post them for authentication later on but i did have a question. Is there anyway or where to get the leather fobs that had come with them as none of them. I see them on eBay but I'd be concerned about the ability to authenticate such items.
  15. SOMETIMES you can request a replacement from Coach if you call them, but you get whatever is in stock.. not always a leather fob, sometimes they just send you a metal one that matches the hardware of the bag you have if they can swing it.
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