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  1. Nice jobs momtok
  2. I need some rehab help. I have a cerulean blue Hamptons Carryall (05/06), I bought it in Dec 2007 at the outlet. Recently, I have noticed that the leather has begun to yellow on the sides of the bag, where it buttons together, almost along the crease. Is there a way to get it back to the beautiful blue it was? I'll try to post pics later.
  3. Thanks. :smile:

    But I have to say, I **really** like that one in your avatar ;). Satchel type? (Don't know what the official name is.) I ***love*** that color of brown, especially in the good leathers.

  4. Do you mind posting pics of the bag.

  5. Thanks! :smile: That is my Broadway satchelrehab, actually in a hunter green color.
  6. Hi everyone, I'm going to be receiving a vintage lined bag pretty soon and have never rehabbed a bag before. I've been reading all the rehab threads and read that you can't give a lined bag a bath. I'm curious to know what would happen if I did? Would the lining shrink? TIA!
  7. I've given a lined bag a bath before (Legacy Crescent). The lining came out fine, as did the bag. I think the thing to worry about would be color bleeding, from the leather to lining and vice versa. The lining in the bag I bathed was a tan-beige color, as was the leather itself, so I had no problems with mine. Good luck with your rehab and be sure to post pics of the final result! :smile:
  8. Thanks, YokelMel! Mine is a red Legacy Crescent with a beige lining, so if colour bleeds, it will be obvious! From the photos I have, it doesn't look like it's in desperate need of a bath, so maybe I can get away with spot cleaning. I'll post pics when the bag gets here!
  9. Hope you love it! I love mine, it's the perfect size and I love the shape :biggrin: Good luck with your rehab, make sure to take before and after pics so you can really see the difference!
  10. I've returned from the local Flea Market with my next project. This is a large Carly that was returned to the Coach store. I know I can fix this baby(this bag cost me the price of a soda!)
    My plan is to (1) seal the tears and (2) cover the damage with appliques. I think the appliques will work since Coach already has those.
  11. You find some amazing bags at the flea market! How about a wide brown horizontal ribbon sewn over the damage on the side with the long cut. Coach has been using vertical and horizontal stripes on their bags for a long time.

    Good luck and let us see how it turns out!
  12. Ohhh, you're right..didn't think of that...Thanks
    So here's what i did next...
    I sealed the inner piece with tape and then used "Liquid Stitch" with the outer tear. I laid a couple of heavy books ontop to sit over night...Stay tuned tomorrow:p
    BTW...I'm just doing one side at a time....
  13. How about hot gluing studs, crystals or sequins along the cuts. A random pattern
  14. You might end up drawing MORE attention to the spot than less if you highlight some sort of decoration around it in attempts to detract from the tear.
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