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    This is for YOU guys and gals, you know who you are....

    You ...
    -find sales at thrift shops on classic pieces
    -dig through yard sales for rare gems
    -scan through C-list or other online sites for those buy-it-now kinda cheap deals
    -get a well loved hand me down from a friend or family member
    -worship the ground that the Coach Authenticate this volunteers walk on for their knowledge, expertise and growing warmth in helping to educate others

    ... and most of all, you appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into Coach, not just in a specific year, but ALL years.

    I'm giving a shout out to the classic and NON classic lovers, rehab-ers and bag rescuers who make this forum the place to come on cleaning/fixing and improving the bags we have and the ones we find.

    :welcome2: to the Coach R&R (rescue & rehab) Club!

    Feel free to post your finds, your fixes and your loves and help spread the enjoyment that is giving a 2nd life to a Coach bag that never goes out of style!
  2. Super great idea Bunny
  3. what a wonderful idea.
  4. Great idea! I have been admiring those older (10 yrs?) Sonoma pebbled leather bags- I want to try bringing one back to life.
  5. Does "rescuing" a bag from the clearance section of a store count? Do new bags count? I make myself believe I am "rescuing" them. Preventing them from being bought by some EE-VELL customer who will buy it and beat it up.
    Especially finds at Marshalls.
    A big majority of my bags are used from eBay and Bonz...even though they are not very old. I have a Whiskey Leigh to rehab, so if the other criterion do not apply, I at least have that to include. LOL!
  6. Lol, I don't think it's fair to hate on ANYONE that rescues a bag from a previously un-loved situation (be it a store or someone's closet)!

    Thought the main intent in MY mind was to bring together people who try to make the best out of things we find, are given, or stumble upon because just because you don't spend a fair amount of cash on a purse doesn't always mean it's not worth something!
  7. Great thread, bunny -- and yes, the Coach Authenticators are wonderful ladies for doing what they do for us!!

    I hope to join the rehabbers club soon...just need to get into gear & do it. LOL

    (I bought a dirt cheap camel leather Carly 10615 - she's really dirty on the inside & outside has some spots & rubbed areas.)
  8. Yay! I want in! This is my favorite thing to do - just got a hand me down last weekend and I'm having so much fun with dressing her up :smile:
  9. Yay!!! What a great thread :smile: I find myself stopping at all the SA's and Goodwill's I pass just to browse through the purse area to see if I can find a bag to rehab :p I'm using my 1st rehab (Legacy Crescent) all the time now and am looking for my next to start in on. Thanks for starting this!
  10. -- May I join? :smile: I found two beautiful black leather bags at my local Salvation Army and spruced them up by cleaning and conditioning. I think I've gone back every second day since then searching for others!! No luck but I'm always hopful!

    I posted pics in this thread here- They aren't really vintage more vintage-ish !!
  11. Great idea for a thread. I haven't had to rehab any purses yet but I'm open to the idea all in the name of Coach!!! :smile:
  12. Yay I'm in! Rehabbed a Court bag in British Tan and although she's not "perfect", she is a helluva lot better looking after her spruce up!
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    Love this thread, Bunny! This would also be a great place to link to those helpful posts about how to rehab and clean up bags, and the wonderful docride thread that Bebepurse linked to in a different thread yesterday.

    Here are my "befores". They are in various stages of progress towards "after".

    Kit bag:
    Regina bag:

    I also have a non-Coach vintage bag that is visible if you click on my profile, Albums. That one will need a little more work due to the coated canvas.
  14. I agree, when I get a chance I'll see about getting a list of the threads and posts for reference, maybe a MOD will be nice and add it to the first post for me!
  15. My latest rescue from Goodwill for 99 cents. :nuts: Saw it laying on the floor under the purse display. It just needed a good cleaning and conditioninig.

    Introducing the 2003 Mini Hippie ( more pictures in the Auth. thread)

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