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  1. Welcome Missbean! Can you post pics of the inside and better pics of the outside? When you give the bags a bath, you then stuff them with old towels to retain it's shape. I definitely think it's a great bag for a rehab!
  2. I think it is going to be okay. I noticed that on Coach they show it all squished and lumpy so I am probably just being OCD trying to get it perfect.
  3. I have a NYC basic bag in burgundy and it has a black zipper.
  4. tee hee-I should have remembered there are no rules for coach, especially when it comes to zippers: :p

    I don't think they tried that hard to match them on the early bags though, and I remember reading somewhere about denim blue zippers. The blue zipper on my BT basic bag kind of bugs me at some level, as a matter of fact.

    (still jealous of the burgundy bag) :smile:
  5. Thank you for posting this. I feel so bad for her. It is a horrible shame that she could get attacked for helping so many people. It might discourage others from reporting fakes and shill bidding, especially since eBay seems to be allowing shill bidding. I am also wondering why her identity wasn't protected.
  6. A blue zipper on BT would annoy me too.

    You'll be even more jealous of my burgundy bag when I tell you that it is new without tags! I got it on eBay for $50. :biggrin:

  7. oh sure, fine...rub it in! :roflmfao:
  8. I feel really bad about this, I made a very small donation. It's def one of those "that could be me" moments also, as I admin a couple of official sites for some...organizations. I could easily be pulled into a lawsuit in this day and age, and BB has done nothing but help people out on this board. Very unfortunate.

  9. I wondered who scooped me!!!! I was going to buy her!!!!! lol! Well, at least I know she's in a good home, with someone who KNOWS how to take proper care of a great bag like this! I was curious about what the marks were on the back... any idea? did they come out?:roflmfao:
  10. Get that wallet in a bath! You can't make it any worse than it already is, LOL!
  11. LOL-I'm sorry, it was a very random finding, wasn't even really looking for bags on Etsy, I just stumbled across her. I think it was the same night as I found the Willis & Rambler's Legacy with body paint.

    The spots came off with a cotton ball and alcohol, they acted like ink but they were on the surface of the bag and came out no problem. Other than that the bag is in pretty much perfect condition.

    I promise I will take care of her. :smile: If you see her strap out there somewhere send it home....
  12. I read that there is something called leather filler or putty that can be used to fill in burns and deep scrapes. Has anyone tried this?

  13. :roflmfao:
  14. Very true!
  15. No worries, I wasn't set on her, she'd been on line for a bit, and bags without straps just look so, so! mostly wanted to give her a new home, and I'm kinda digging the spectator look!
    obviously, WE have great taste!!! haha!
    If I see her lost and lonely strap, I will be sure to send it home!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.