Coach Outlet x Wizard of Oz

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  1. I’m bummed I missed the bear Oz keychains
  2. I see I missed another collection. Oh well. Love the pouch and the bear charms. Enjoy all!
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  3. There's plenty all over eBay and such places if you want a few pieces of the collection. :yes:
  4. It seems like at Outlet AND full-price none of the capsule collections have a full-zip wallet anymore. Dark Fairytale, no. Wizard of Oz, no. The current pyramid eye thing happening at full-price, no. I really needed a wallet and ended up buying the rainbow skyline one from the outlet which is nice but i would have spent more for something more special.
  5. T-shirts and sweaters 70%off Orlando outlets
    IMG_20190105_114901.jpg IMG_20190105_114912.jpg
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    I wasn't planning to collect the Coach Wizard of Oz pieces because I already have a lot of Coach stuff! But I shopped the outlets in Rosemont IL and Aurora IL before Christmas and somehow I managed to pick up 3 Oz items as possible gifts - except that I kept them for myself!

    I was at the Aurora IL outlet again yesterday (to return a purchsase) and I bought 2 more Oz pieces; I see a pattern developing! I kind of wish that I had gotten a few more items when they first came out!

    Anyway, here is the list of my Oz items and some pictures, I paid $151 total for all of them. I got the Tin Man fob and the charm bracelet at the outlet yesterday, so there are still a few pieces available!
    • Charm Necklace, F39686 GD E1L: $44; MSRP $195
    • Charm Bracelet, F38034 GD E1L: $41; MSRP $135
    • Emerald Stud Earrings, F38036 GD GRN: $12; MSRP $55
    • Wicked Witch fob, F35248 BK GRN: $27; MSRP $90
    • Tin Man fob, F35246 SV SV: $27; MSRP $90



  7. I bought the Tin Man fob at the outlet yesterday and he is intact, but thanks for the warning about the loose buttons! Did you glue the button back in and has it stayed put?

    An old trick that TPFers have used in the past to help secure the crystals in pave coach jewelry is to paint a thin layer of clear nail polish over the crystals - but that might not look too good on a silver metal fob like the Tin Man!

    Anyway, if anyone has suggestions to help keep your Wizard of Oz charm intact, please share them!
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  8. Thanks for the suggestion. I haven’t done anything with it yet. I kept it wrapped and set it aside. I thought about the nail polish but figured the same thing that it wouldn’t be really clear on the metal. I may just dip in super glue and see what happens but I haven’t yet. I figured if I returned it I probably wouldn’t get another so I am sitting on it till I know a good game plan for it.
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  9. Aleen's Tacky glue (clear drying) is amazing. It has worked well for me on everything from fabric to wood to gluing a stone on an inexpensive bag charm.
  10. Your nail polish idea made me wonder if it could work as a coating on hardware. Or might it make things worse? Have you ever used the clear nail polish or thinned glue or anything else ;) to protect the hardware (dark copper or gunmetal) so it won't chip?
  11. Oh that Tin Man especially is adorable!! I like those emerald earrings and all the cute charms.
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  12. I think someone mentioned clear nail polish on hardware in the rehab thread awhile back. I don't recall seeing any pictures or hearing any follow-up.
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  13. Does anyone have this pouch? I picked it up last night but I’m wondering if the stock photo is incorrect because I’ve only seen it without the patches...
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  14. It comes without the patches.
  15. I purchased this pouch from FOS and an outlet store and it did not have patches even though the stock photo had them. It is nice pouch nonetheless.