Coach Outlet x Wizard of Oz

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  1. Earlier this year, a TPF member shared some images of an upcoming Coach x Wizard of Oz collection that was designed for Outlet stores this holiday season. I'll repost some of the images below for reference.

    Does anyone know when this collection will drop? I'm hoping to get some pieces as gifts for a friend who loves Wizard of Oz. I had figured it would the the Black Friday release, but it didn't come out this week. Maybe for Cyber Monday on the Outlet online store?

    IMG_2238.jpg IMG_2240.jpg IMG_2241.jpg IMG_2239.jpg IMG_2243.jpg IMG_2245.jpg
  2. I feel like it should be now or soon? I've seen some of the items on the periphery of these photos already at the outlets!
  3. Those bag charms look awesome!
  4. Omg, yes please!! This needs to drop ASAP. I think I want the heart clock charm!
  5. And I think those little charms on the stand (where the sales associate's hand is) are the Wicked Witch of the West in green (with a hat) and the Tin Man, and the Lion, and could that smaller bag charm all the way to the right possibly be Toto? Am I imagining this?
  6. That a was me. Initially I was told November now I'm hearing end of November or early December. Maybe they'll release when this current FOS ends.
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  7. I need this. I need of all this right now. And the nearest outlet is only 30 miles away...
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  8. This is cool! I will have to check this out while I wait for the LV Wizard of Oz items - which will prob. be runway only knowing my luck ;)
  9. I went to two outlets today and the SA’s at both told me it will be out this Wednesday. I’m in trouble :-s
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  10. Thanks for the information. While I have been to several Coach outlets in person, the Coach Outlet website is new to me. Just this morning, it appeared that several brand new items (everything in halftone floral) were sold out by this morning. Is that what commonly happens on the website? Is there any chance to purchase anything new online if one does not stay up until 12:01 AM to make the purchase on the online site? Just curious, because I truly do not know the answer to the question, and as I only just found the correct outlet website due to reading another post on this forum. I will go in person to an outlet tomorrow morning to see if I cannot pick up a few bag charms from the new Wizard of Oz collection.
  11. I need to check them out. I want the mini cowardly lion though!
  12. Of course you do! LOL. Hope they look wonderful in person.
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  13. Hoping this hits Outlet Online tomorrow as well! I won't have the chance to make it to a physical location this week.
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  14. I don't know about the online site, because nothing is appearing there as of this morning, but at two nearby outlet stores, I was told (via a phone call) that they have many boxes yet to unpack and that the bag charms are not out yet as of this morning. I was told that more shipments were expected later today and that many more items (possibly bag charms) would be out on display by either tonight or by tomorrow morning.
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  15. Just went to one of the Orlando locations. Some of the items - bags and charms, shirts, stuffed lions, and ruby slippers - were out. The associates were very helpful and did a found order for me, since not everything was unpacked yet. They told me that not every location will receive the collection; only the high volume stores. HTH!