Coach Outlet x Wizard of Oz

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  1. Is it true the stores can order items for you? I SO want that scarf
  2. Outlet and retail bags were sent to me by ups.
  3. Super! I think I have my UPS account set up to have everything UPS delivered to a UPS store. No lost packages for me thanks!
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  4. Can anyone recommend a shopper/concierge service that can pick up coach bags from the outlet for you? Would love a few things from this collection but site doesn't take my card :sad: TIA x
  5. I haven’t ordered from the Coach Outlet before. I’m in Canada, does it normally take a long time to ship?
  6. Well, going by what happens in the US....Yes.....and even longer during a sale. Then when you add the holiday shopping into the mix, their shipping wait time can be interminable. And they are definitely not known for shipping on a first come first served basis.
  7. I got my charms from the last sale much faster than in the past. I ordered on 12/1, received on 12/7. It used to take 10 days to 2 weeks to get to California from JAX.
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  8. I’m so impressed with this line from the outlet! I grew up looking forward to The Wizard of Oz every year...I just loved that story. My mom got me this adorable wristlet with the ruby red slippers (When I was little, I played so many games pretending that I had these!) and the heart fob for the TinMan. :heart: She bought herself the cute witch fob casting a spell. :smile: I’ve enjoyed looking at all of your pictures! :flowers: E276C75F-7883-4542-A358-A5E808E0F5A9.jpeg 0120D84A-C588-4776-9146-FE3EFADB390D.jpeg
  9. Aren't the items from this outlet collection wonderful? I received my stuff, too, and like you, I have so many happy memories of watching The Wizard of Oz with my parents. These items are like an homage to my past. One year, I even dressed up like Dorothy (in a rented costume complete with a stuffed "Toto" in a wicker basket). I made the ruby red slippers myself with a pair of white satin shoes with bows that I glued and sprinkled with red glitter. That was so much fun!
  10. Has anyone who ordered a sweater(s) received theirs?
  11. Your idea to put red glitter on those shoes was so clever!! If only designers would make ruby slippers for women... :P
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  12. I received the 2 that I ordered yesterday. They both seem to be of the exact same quality as previous retail sweaters that I've purchased –specifically last fall's wool and cashmere blend Rexy sweater, which was the first time Coach 1941 released sweaters that weren't 100% cashmere.

    Very satisfied with these. One is a gift, and I hope it's well received.
  13. Thank you. I'm still waiting on mine. They're scheduled to be delivered on Tuesday.
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  14. Mine was supposed to come on Monday, but it came yesterday. There's hope it may come early!
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  15. Received my FOS Wizard of Oz order. Thanks for letting me share.

    Black Leather Pouch, Lion's Courage bag charm and Pin set.

    DSCN2398.jpg DSCN2384.jpg DSCN2381.jpg DSCN2406.jpg DSCN2407.jpg DSCN2405.jpg