Coach Outlet x Wizard of Oz

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  1. My wand sweater arrived last week. (I placed a found order the day the stores put out their items for sale.)
  2. Coach made a pair of glitter ruby flats for this collection... complete with Toto's in the lining!
  3. Really?! That is so cute!!!
  4. I stopped back in store to see if anything was left. A few t shirts and poppy tote, some of the small boxed wristlets. No bag charms. The popular stuff all gone. No sweaters.
  5. It does not surprise me. If I had not ordered the Courage and Tin Man Heart bag charms the evening before the event, I wouldn't have been able to purchase them.
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  6. I received my tinman today and noticed a tiny screw looking thing sitting on the paper when I unwrapped it. Looked him over and noticed one of the buttons on his front was missing. Just wanted to warn everyone they may want to double check theirs and keep and eye on the in the future image.jpg image.jpg
  7. Yeah those bear charms aren't the sturdiest apparently despite the weight. I had a gold one arrive previously with the whole head detached
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  8. Just arrived in the mail today, they are so cute. :smile::heart:

    A7A0B20A-7B2B-4510-A088-52BBCEDDE0B5.jpeg CDB4C298-5313-44A7-9925-3F1876FA109A.jpeg
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  9. No, it’s not cashmere but still nice and soft. I took a picture of the label for you.

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  10. Thanks!
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  11. The sweater is nice. I ordered a small and it’s too big for me so I have to return it. But it is soft and comfortable
  12. That's a shame. I'm really disappointed with Coach's quality at this point. I just received a tea rose bracelet from the outlet (from their full line), and have to return it because one of the studs in the middle of the flowers is missing. I didn't see it in the package, either.... so much for quality control.

    If not for your post, I may not even have double checked upon receipt of my item - but after having read this I was sure to inspect!
  13. Wow. I’m sorry! I can understand outlet items that have been around a bit to be flawed. But new items really need to be checked more. I know it happens no one is perfect but some things are slipping
  14. Orlando North outlet has all 3 of the sweaters in multiple sizes if anyone is still looking.
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