Cleaning & Protecting your YSL bags

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  1. Does anyone have a suggestion on how to clean light colored patent bag?
    Or how to protect it from color transfer?
  2. hello, I just wanted to ask if Coach leather conditioner and cleaner works for the YSL muse leather? has anyone tried it?
  3. I have not tried the Coach conditioner yet. Where can I get it?
  4. hi , i am new here. just got my bdj high gloss patent in blue.
    i love the clotch but then the fingerprint magnatic material really troubles me. anyway or thing tat i can spry one it to reduce the visible of the finger print?
    otherwise might consider to return it >.<
  5. Wish I had read this thread before taking my red CC out... I didn't protect it, and didn't realise that it would stain so badly and so quickly...
    3mths of (intermittent) use and the handles are darkened (I'm guessing from sweat absorption?) and there are some patches of water staining... :sad:((

    Has anyone managed a solution to the darkening of this delicate leather? Mine looks very similar to the water stains posted by a previous poster... Please help!
  6. Hey Everyone,
    I have a white YSL muse that has seen better days. I was thinking of having it dyed navy or black. Has anyone else had their YSL bag died? Any tips? Can I send it into YSL or just take it to a reputable shoe repair place? I bought the bag pre-owned so I'm not sure if I can even send it into YSL.
  7. Hi Ladies,

    I am considering the patent beele de jour clutch.

    I am just wondering if anyone has encountered peelings
    I held one the other day, it sounds like the plastic would peel.

    Please advise.
  8. I would be interested in this also
  9. Aaand I would be interested to hear about this also :smile: I have a light colored patent belle du jour, but it does not atleast feel like it woul peel...?
  10. I have problem with my mini cabas chyc in black because it always have a white stain in the front and around the zip.
    Firstly,I think they might came from my make up powder when I touched but after I clean it with collonil cream it gets better but the colour is not black black like before.

    after a day or two, the white stain is back,even i try not to touch it when my hands have a make up cream or powder.

    Is there anyone have the same problem with me??

    please share

    ps.I'm not quite good in english :'(
  11. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1389337888.203688.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1389337910.153877.jpg

    Here's the pics of mine.

    You might don't see the stain clearly.

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  12. I took my YSL Cabas Chyc in Magenta to Leather Spa for a cleaning/waterproofing, and ended up with an eggplant purple bag. :faint: :nogood:

    They said they would try to send it back to the workshop to take off the coating that was making it so dark... and make it a little lighter/more pink... but I am sooooo nervous. Has this ever happened to anyone else with Leather Spa? I wish I just kept it dirty!

    First pic is a photo of the bag after they changed the color.
    Second pic is a comparison - first one is how the bag was when I brought it in, second is after they changed the color, and last is the color when I first purchased. I don't know what to do, I LOVED the magenta color, it's the only reason I bought this bag! It went so great with all my neons and really everything. I even bought shoes to match it :sad: lol

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  13. This past Christmas, I received a new YSL Muse Calfskin Dome Handbag from NM that I carried once while traveling internationally. Although much care was taken in packing my beautiful new handbag for our long flight home it looks terrible. The bag did hold its original form, however the natural color leather is "lumpy and bumpy" (for lack of a better description.) Once discovering the lumps and bumps, I immediately added more stuffing but after 48 hours is looked the same...lumpy and bumpy. Would applying a leather conditioner while it is stuffed help? If so, what type of leather conditioner? Any advice on smoothing out the lumps and bumps is greatly appreciated! I'm eager to carry this beauty again!!!
  14. I am planning to buy a muse oversized in raffia. But im worried that it would require me a lot of care and maintainance.
  15. Oh dear, I feel your pain. I've got the same bag and it was the colour that got me sold. But! A month later, I got into the rain with it (I know it's my bad, but my other bags have no problems with the rain) and mould started to grow on it. I brought it in for a wash and luckily all turned out fine. I'm ever so paranoid with this bag now :sad:

    What's the outcome of your bag??
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