Cleaning & Protecting your YSL bags

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  1. Thanks for this info! I'm terrified to take my CC out in the rain because of what I've heard on here. Mine is black but I'm still so cautious with her. I'll have to order some Colonil. :smile:
  2. Hi I just bought the new version mini cabas chyc in beige and i loveeee the colour but it is on the lighter side and I'm wondering how to protect it from 1. colour transfer and darkening of the handles and 2. water stains.

    I know the new version is fairly new so there isn't much information on how to protect it. My SA told me to take it to the 5th avenue bag spa but it will cost about $100 and I was wondering if there is a cheaper way to protect it since i already spent $2500+ after tax on the bag :shocked:
  3. Hi Ladies,

    This is my CC -

    Which would be the exact Collonil product I should get to protect my first CC?
  4. Hi!
    I'm brand new to TPF and I just got my first petite cabas. I was wondering which collonil spray you used? The waterstop or that nano?
    I want to make sure mine is super protected before i take her out!
  5. Can anyone shed light on how I can clean a dark spot on my YSL muse? the sides also has a few scuffs, help :woot:
  6. Try using Zelikovitz Acrylic Leather Sheen Top Coat in SATIN (same product that you use for scruff marks on BB piping)
  7. I just bought a black Muse and tried to look everywhere for information about which products to use, but couldn't find out which Lovin My Bag line to use for the buffalo leather, so I emailed them to ask. Barbara said that the "So Natural" line is the one to use, so I just wanted to share that information in case anyone else needs it!
  8. Just realized that the card in the bag actually says "veau", so not buffalo despite what it says on Neiman Marcus' website.
  9. Any idea how to keep the gold hardware on the muse from getting tarnished or scratched? My friend has an older muse and on the bottom feet they are so scratched that they're turning silver. Just wondering how to protect mine. Thx!!
  10. I love their products, LOVE...also for buffalo and veau or any Muse or Downtown smooth leather Apple conditioner works miracles, it smooths nail scratches and makes the leather so healthy (not the cleaner but conditioner)
  11. Thank you, Vesna, that's great to know because I actually ended up buying apple rain and stain repellent and apple conditioner before I got the answer to my email from barbara (it took a few days and I couldn't wait ;) ). I also bought LMB pre-treatment and LMB for handles only.So in the end, I have the following products:

    LMB pre-treatment
    LMB for handles only
    Apple rain and stain repellent
    Apple care (the conditioner)

    Here's a question for you: Any thoughts on in which order I should apply these products to my new bag?!

    My bag has been sitting there for a week now, I can't wait to actually start using it! :smile:
  12. So, the instructions for the pre-treatment were missing in my package, so I called Barbara to ask her how to use it (she is so incredibly sweet), and she gave me a lot of great advice:

    This may be in the instructions, but: Apply the pre-treatment thinly with one of the smooth sponges, smoothing it out and making sure that there is no residue along the stitching etc. As always, test it on a small, invisible area first.

    Apply for handles only (since it is a black bag, it's ok to use the microfiber cloth rather than the sponges), again making sure there is no residue along the stitching, dry with a hair dryer on medium and buff, then reapply, dry and buff.

    I then asked her whether I could use the apple products along with these products, and she said that:

    - The apple spray didn't offer that much protection when they tested it. (She said you can test these things yourself by spraying on a towel and then see if water runs off it).

    - I then asked if she thought I should get the "so natural" line instead, and she said that the bag is already quite well protected from the factory (unlike LV vachetta), and the pre-treatment and for handles only is going to protect it well, so it would be a lot of product to put on there for now, so probably not necessary. It would be ok to put on the apple spray, but she didn't sound like it was really necessary either.

    - However, she said that the best spray out there right now is called Sof Sole. It had performed really well when they had tested it. She also said that in general, most of these sprays are very similar, since the active ingredients account for only about 1-2 percent.

    - Reapply for handles only about every 6 weeks (if using the bag every day), cleaning the handles first (I'm going to get their cleaner for this).
  13. Ok, so I put on two coats of LMB pre-treatment and two coats of for handles only. This all took forever, but I'm relieved, because the bag still looks and feel the same! :smile:

    Tomorrow, I'm going to give it two layers of apple spray, and then I'll start using it. :smile:

    Also, since I'm going to use it as a work bag with my thin laptop in it, I cut out a base shaper from an IKEA cutting board:

    It seems to work great for preventing the bottom from giving in to the laptop, while still being a little bit flexible.
  14. I am about to bring my mini CC out of the bag but would love to protect her from rain stain, where I live is very rainy lately. Of all recommended products, Apple, LMB, and Collonil, the latter is the only brand I know where to buy.

    Please, any of you who used Collonil on CC, Which of the Waterproofing spray did you use and work well, Premium Protect Spray, Nano Pro Spray, 1909 Supreme Protect Spray, or Water Stop Spray ?

    Collonil has many product lines and it confuses me.

  15. Does anyone have a suggestion on how to clean the edges of my new wallet in the future? ImageUploadedByPurseForum1371326657.252945.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1371326669.734316.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1371326686.575627.jpg
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