Cleaning & Protecting your YSL bags

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  1. Just got my first ysl bag (yay!) it's the y ligne clutch in cobalt blue- calfskin. I was about to treat it with apple garde (treat my bals and LVs with this) but I wanted to make sure that was correct. I've searched this thread and from what I can gather, I should spray it with apple garde. Can anyone offer insight? TIA :smile:
  2. Hi, can you help me how to clean this whitish discoloration please? When I got it out of the dust bag, it has white spots, not sure where I got them :sad: The lining of the dust bag has white cloth, I'm not sure if it was a color transfer? [​IMG]
  3. I also got some in my bag and I think because I just keep in my wardrobe and no ventilation come.i tried to clean it but doesn't really work
  4. I'm so sorry about this, but I think it is mould :sad:

    My YSL in this exact same model has gotten a mould attack before. I brought it to wash and all was fine. I used it regularly for a few months after that but not recently as the weather has been erratic with the rain. Now, I just saw that there are mould spots again :sad:

    I'm not sure what I'll do about this bag now..
  5. I just got the classic Y satchel in red. The leather is sooooo beautiful but seems super delicate. Just from handling it, I scratched it with my fingernail. Any advise on what to treat it with? Thank you!!
  6. Just sprayed my sac du jour last night and i had no issues! If you're worried spray the leather sample first ;)
  7. i always spray my bags with Collonil (i don't think we have apple garde in the UK) has anybody tried collonil on YSL bags?

  8. I did and works great
  9. thanks :biggrin: i've sprayed her now & she's had her first outing!!
  10. hello! I just purchased a pre owned belle de jour clutch in black patent from the realreal. It has some light external wear but inside, what was sold as a faint mark appears to really be melted gum (?) somewhat sticky once you scrape at it. Can anyone advise how to remove it? Otherwise I am attempting a return....I paid $350 for it - I guess it's a good deal for the pre owned clutch but I hate the idea of spending that much on one with stuff stuck inside :sad:. What do you think?
  11. Bump! Has anyone tried cleaning their Metallic Duffle Bags? I just scored a Baby Duffle in Rose Gold Metallic Napa Leather from NR. It does not have any stains, but some fine scratches and I'd like to know if I can maybe put some Blackrock Leather Conditioner or maybe some neutral shoe polish? Thanks!
  12. Does YSL have a "spa"?
  13. Congratz on your purchase. I love their metallic collection. Any good leather condition should do the trick if they aren't deep scratches. I have no experience with blackrock conditioner so can't comment on them but I do use saphir or Collonil for my metallic lanvin and have worked well.

  14. Thanks so much! I actually have Saphir neutral shoe polish and it's amazing so I'm sure their conditioner is great too :biggrin:
  15. Hi,

    I just purchased the Sac De Jour in Croc-embossed, can I use the Apple Garde on it? Thank you!
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