Cleaning & Protecting your YSL bags

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  1. #181 Dec 15, 2014
    Last edited: Dec 15, 2014
    Hi, I have a Y cabas and just bought and sac de jour. Does anyone from Australia know what the best products available in the country can be used to treat the bags? I definitely want to do this to my sac de jour before I start carrying it.

    I have the Balenciaga nourishing cream - will this work?
  2. Hi Mouldie,

    I'm not from Austalia, so I'm not very sure of your local availability, but the good and recommended brands according to the forum seems to be Apple and Collonil. You can easily get them online e.g. eBay and Amazon and I think sellers do ship to Australia! I myself have purchased a leather care set from Apple and I'm still waiting it, fingers crossed.

    Otherwise, I think dedicated bag leather care brands e.g. Coach and Balenciaga as you mentioned will do. Just need to make sure they suit the type of leather you have, e.g. nubuck/suede, calfskin, lambskin, etc.
  3. Thanks yukaeshi! I do have apple conditioner but like experience from others, I found it wasn't "strong" enough. I managed to find limited Collonil products from a department store here. I used leather wipes to clean, Balenciaga nourishing cream then sprayed with Collonil. I'm very happy with this now :smile:
  4. I haven't tried Apple yet because I'm still waiting for it to arrive, but thank you for that feedback! :biggrin: I am tempted to try Collonil too :smile:
  5. I used the Collonil water spray (i would have picked the organic bamboo one but there are very limited places that sell Collonil in Australia with reasonable prices) as the last step. I used this procedure on my Givenchy Easy tote as my jacket zipper scratched it first time I took her out :cry:. The Bal nourishing cream took out a lot of the scratches and the marks are very faint now!

    I didn't use the leather cream from Collonil, but I'm sure it would work magic like other products.
  6. Does anyone know how to take care of the monnogram tassel bag? I bought one in black, calf skin and only took it out twice but it had a few hairline scratches and water marks already. I never knew ysl leather could damage easily like that. So sad. This is my first ysl bag too.

  7. Since you now have both bags, can I ask why you like each one individually. Do you have the small or medium sizes in each and how tall are you? Its obvious you like the brand.
  8. Originally I liked the Y cabas and thought the Sac De jour was a bit too plain. Also, the first generation sac de jours had soft leather so it didn't hold its shape too well. So in the end bought the Y cabas in the mini size because I mostly have big bags. Not long after, found out the 2nd generation bags are much more rigid (but heavier) and I started falling in love with Sac de jour again. Decided I wanted another big bag, so bought the medium size. Didn't care about the weight as I don't carry it that often.

    Yes I lam a bigger lover for Saint Laurent/YSL :biggrin:
  9. Hi all,

    I just bought a YSL pebbled clutch and want to protect it . . it seems like colonil is one of the most popular product to use. . but which colonil product do you guys recommend because there are so many options on the website. =( Thank you!
  10. I use this colonil 1909 with great results.
  11. Hi, I was wondering if anyone has used Collonil leather gel on the smooth leather on the sac De jour/ duffle? I'm slightly worried it will mark.

  12. Good morning! So I'm finally ready to treat my small smooth calfskin SDJ. After reading through this thread, it sounds like Apple or Collonil are the two options. But I'm hesitant to use the Apple as I don't want to have to worry about re-applying/treating it again down the road.

    There are a few different Collonil products and I'm not sure which ones to get. Any suggestions on which products I should buy?

    Thanks in advance! I'm itching to start using her!
  13. Can anyone advise me if this item is made of leather ? Got it as a gift....

    Doublure 100% PL
  14. Hello Ladies,

    I have just received my first YSL satchel shoulder bag in smooth leather and as I was inspecting it, I already managed to scratch it with my nail. This is my first smooth leather bag and I am now debating if I should return it because I hate to baby my bags. Also, what should I do now with that little scratch? Please help. I would also really appreciate to hear any advice or recommendations as to how to take care of smooth leather if I decide to keep it. I love the look of it, but really do not want it to look all scratched up and used very soon. I think YSL does not make tassel medium bags in pebbled leather so I think I will have to keep it. Anyone with YSL smooth leather bags, please share how this leather ages and if you personally find it to be a good quality or not. Thanks in advance :smile:

  15. The one I usually use is the Collonil 1909 cream It works great on almost all type of leather.

    Another brand that not many people have recommended but it's my go-to as well is the saphir leather cream from France. It's a brand that my SA at hermes and chanel introduced me to.
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