Christmas 2019

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  1. Screenshot_2019-07-25-02-59-56-1.png
  2. Lovely!
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  3. I want the mini pochette with this print so much i might just move into my local LV untill it comes out
  4. This collection is looking more and more like the crap you find in gift shops swarmed by tourists. :no: The design elements feel completely incoherent. Who is the intern designing this stuff?? I’m cringing just looking at these Instagram posts.
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  5. I love these! Maybe I’m just a basic-b who loves pumpkin spice and pink but whatever. I’m so getting the Venice mini pochette and something with the Eiffel Tower! I haven’t shopped in LV in awhile, but I heard the ordering system has changed. No waitlist anymore. So how do I go about ordering these?
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  6. I think this is super cute and love the vivienne theme for the collection. At least there is not fruit hanging from these LE pieces!!!!
  7. I was feeling like I was the only one thinking they are overdoing Vivienne in general. My wallet is definitely safe from this whole line
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  8. yeah. the print is so cute.
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  9. I don’t think pre-orders are open yet. I already expressed my interest to my CA and I will follow up with her when pre-orders are open to confirm which piece/pieces I want.
  10. Vivienne = marketing ploy to create cutsie items.
  11. I love that you're being honest.
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  12. My SA texted me yesterday and said right now in the system it's showing a launch date of 9/28. As we all know, launch dates are subject to change. Pre-orders are not available at this time.
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  13. Not a fan of the others items or those from the last years, however, I saw this one on Instagram and really like it. What shall I say? I’m a pink lover and slg addict at heart and this item might make spend the bucks for a passport cover :angel:

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  14. I agree and Tbf I am not a fan of this Vivienne. It wants to be like a murakami figure but it’s not. Gosh would I like to see murakami prints for the Christmas edition or just something else from lv. The last couple years the prints haven’t been spot on and I haven’t liked the colors either for the Christmas collection. It’s like it’s almost there but not quite.
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  15. Even i agree with you, i have bought several Vivienne charms. :facepalm:. For those for Christmas, i may just keep some $$ and just buy simple mono by sticking with the "simple is best"
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