Christmas 2019

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  1. 7FB5B03D-215D-4B1F-8228-82CCAEB1AE4F.jpeg I just saw foxylv posted some of the christmas collection on her instagram.
  2. I just came to post this too! OK, I confess, this is SUPER cute and I also love it. Just not really sure what I'd buy, if anything. I don't think I need another mini pochette and I don't really use any wallets besides a slim card holder...excited to see what else will be released!
  3. Beautiful! Do you know the wallet name?
  4. I don’t own a mini pochette - this may be the one.
  5. I believe it is the sarah wallet but I’m not 100% sure.
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  6. Thank you!
  7. Next 200 posts : my Christmas animation chipped - LV is the worst! Ugh
  8. This is so cute! Love it!
  9. I am going to need the ZCP for no reason other than it's too cute.
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  10. I know right! I hope the interior will be the purple or the pink!
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  11. Vivienne, too cute! Thanks for sharing, looking forward to the release.
  12. If it's purple, I may need more items. If there's a mini pochette, I will be in real trouble, lol! Trying to decide if it's too early to text my SA about this???
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  13. Is that supposed to be a specific city with the needle and 2 ball building?
  14. I want a bag charm - I don't think I need anymore wallets or pouches but I really like this.
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  15. Totally want a bag charm and a mini pochette.

    I’m really feeling this year’s design.
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