Christmas 2019

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  1. For me, the Christmas stuff is gimmicky. I kinda liked the Kabuki because of the Japanese reference but then again, it comes and goes. The only screenprinted designs that will never age are

    1. Graffiti
    2. Groom

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  2. Nothing looks as dated to me as LV grafitti. :giggle: I think it's fun how differently people can view the same design.
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  3. Maybe I meant... the designs I like the most haha. Graffiti has its 80’s and 90’s vibes and I just love the look :smile:
  4. Ah then I see what you mean! :biggrin: and I have to clarify that I, with my comment, didn't mean that old or dated, at least not to me, equals bad or ugly! I I love to see people incorporate designs from different eras to todays outfits/homes, etc! Making their style "their own"!
  5. I can tell this is a very "polarizing" collection. Either you love it or you hate it. I def am in the latter camp. Such a shame because I always look forward to adding a piece or two from the annual xmas animation to my LV collection just to have. But not this time. Maybe next year....
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  6. I like the collection and find it cute. I also have pieces from the animals and kabuki collections...I can’t figure out the hate for it but people love the fruit bags?
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  7. I was initially excited to see a return of the hot air balloon (still lamenting the fact that I missed the original, especially in azur :crybaby:) but I have to agree that these designs just don't gel well. There's too much happening in each scene and the overall effect is just too busy and kitschy. Maybe they'll look better in person but for the moment it's a pass for me too.
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  8. There is an equal amount of hate for the “fruit bag.”
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  9. .
  10. Maybe LV will do a Hello Kitty collection as well- this Vivienne stuff is on par with that level of creativity and content maturity.

    Is it just me or does Vivienne look like a derivative of the Murakami flower?
  11. Meh... I'll pass.
    Now if sometime there was a Christmas animation with *music and travel* themes, I'd bite like a bulldog.
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  12. What's the fruit bag?
  13. The ArtyCapucines by Urs Fischer.
  14. Ah, yes. Those are disasters, IMO.
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