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  1. Yeah, I've been checking those out too!!
  2. I dunno....I don't trust Overstock, Blue-fly or any of those online websites. I would check with Chloe to see if they are approved resalers. Otherwise I'd stear clear!
  3. why don't you trust overstock and bluefly? They seem pretty reputable to me
  4. Too many fakes were sold by both companies.

  5. This is the Cream Paddy Tote that I just received from Overstock and if it's not the real deal then I'd be absolutely floored! It's STUNNING!!!!! :heart:

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  6. Few more......

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  7. missnovember, did they charge you sales tax?
  8. No sales tax, and just $2.95 for shipping and it was sent via UPS Ground. I don't know what that's all about, but I'll take saving $$$ whenever I can! :tup:
  10. As long as they have a good return policy, I say why not buy, if somethings wrong send it back. And if it's authentic then you lucked up on one hell of a deal!
  11. That's what I figured too. :tup:

    Just to be safe though, I did take it to Saks 5th Avenue in Palm Desert today. The resident Chloe expert said it's definitely authentic....and beautiful! :yahoo:
  12. So, that is a cream color with big pocket front. Looks great! I wonder the size of it. Overstock says it is 11* 8.5* 4. Is it correct? Cause Neiman says it is 14* 9* 6. Or those two are different? Please let me know.
  13. This is a puzzle since the size is strange.:confused1: My classic large black paddy is from '05 and it's 20x10. I have no idea what year this is from but the size is weird. Maybe they could tell you what the serial number says on the inside. :idea:Also, they say "cream." What color is that? The tag that should say the color. I am very leery at this point. Bluefly gives you the color on the tag, like "cannelle" or "muscade." This just says "cream." Very strange. Proceed with caution...(if at all!):rolleyes: