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  1. YAY BEANIE!!! :yahoo: Congrats and please post pics!!!
  2. ^ ITA thats what I love about chloe as well. From what I hear the quality of the 06 leather is better than 07:yes:. The 07's are not as smooshy.

  3. :yahoo:YAY:yahoo:..... I just ordered the muscade zippy and not only did I get 10% off but I only paid $1 for shipping:yes:. How fabulous is that. I have been searching for the large zippy since january and now she's mine. I can't wait until she arrives.

    ***Thanks beanie, your post gave me the extra push that I needed, once I heard authentic and muscade, I couldn't resist:drool:!
  4. :wlae:HOORAY ALI! :wlae: Can't wait to hear all about your new muscade zippy! Lucky gal...:tup:
  5. Thanks layney! I will definately post pics:yes:....
  6. Glad to help! I am using the muscade large zippy this week and it is really a great color.:tup: I try to change bags from week to week, so DH doesn't think I am just "collecting" but sometimes I just like to "play" in the closet and look at them and smell the leather! LOL I am now a huge fan of and I think they are terrific! Both of the bags I ordered came perfect with all the tags, dustbags etc. and beautifully wrapped. :wlae:I can't wait to see what they will get in next. :sweatdrop: BTW, I don't have a digital camera, my DH does, but NO WAY am I letting him photograph my Chloe collection! I may be crazy, but I'm not stupid! LOL
  7. Back in 2006 bluefly was accused (and righteously so) of selling fakes. The bags were obvious knock offs. I know they have vindicated themselves this year and have only sold authentic handbags so far in 2007...but I don't trust any site that has sold fakes in the past. That's just my personal stance on the matter, of course.

    With you can have independent retailers selling their bags (i.e. they don't have to be approved Chloe resellers). Again, I don't trust that. I definitely 100% do not trust Their sellers can be the same ones on Ebay - there is an auction and selling section of their website that anyone can apply for.

    My reasoning is this: If you are going to pay close to retail for a bag why not just buy it from a trusted department store or Chloe boutique? I guess I'm jaded from having heard too many horror stories about online stores.:sad:
  8. But on Overstock the prices are WONDERFUL! :heart: I paid $999 each for two large zippy paddingtons and they are perfectly authentic and came just as nicely as the ones I've ordered from NAP. :tup:(And I have ordered PLENTY from NAP!) That's almost half the retail price! With the low shipping, no tax, and easy return (don't remove the security tag if you are thinking of returning it) I don't see a problem. Lots of times you can't FIND these older bags at the other stores. :crybaby:I didn't know they made the large zippy in muscade and brun. No one had it, and I am in the Chicago area where we DO have stores that sell Chloe. But no one had THESE styles and colors:smile: They are not even carrying the zippy anymore at Barneys, Neiman Marcus, or Saks Fifth Avenue...and the only Nordstrom that has Chloe in the Chicago area is their Oak Brook store, and they didn't have ANY zippy styles either.:cursing: As long as you can return with no problem, (should a problem arise) I think an online store that is reputable for returns is fine....but hey, if you want to pay retail and only get the styles available at the boutiques or department stores you like to shop at...fine:smile::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
  9. ^^^You are correct. To each their own when buying authentic handbags. [SIZE=-1]Caveat emptor![/SIZE]

    PS: I'm by no way condemning anyone for purchasing their bags on Overstock or BlueFly. I'm just cautious about sites such as those!
  10. I'm glad that everyone on here shared their horror stories with Bluefly and Overstock. I read ALL of them and still gave it a go with Overstock because, honestly, I'll probably never be able to pay full price for a Chloe least not being married to my current husband! :Push: LOL
  11. :tup: well said, beanie! :tup:
  12. ain't it da truf! :roflmfao: missnovember - you are hilarious!:roflmfao:
  13. I have this bad habit of actually saying whatever fleeing thought is racing through my mind! :wtf: :rolleyes:
  14. ^ Very Good Habit To Have! That Way You Always Remain True To Yourself......