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  1. Oh, I see that ALSO has a large "cream" paddy, but they are calling it taupe, so maybe that's the one:smile:
  2. I just bought the overnighter paddington noir from Overstock, and it is gorgeous!!!! It's the big one, 17 inches long. I spoke w/Chloe store (NY) and they verified the size. Lock is correct, all markings correct as well. I love it! Overstock rocks!!!!!:yahoo::wlae::nuts::tup:
  3. And I think y'all should run your purchases by the gals at Chloe's "authenticate this" thread. MissNovember - I think you already did that and they gave you the thumbs up, right??? I am soooo lusting for your front pocket - she's is GORGEOUS and as you know front pocket's my favorite style paddy!!!

    Personally, I have had a great experience with Bluefly. I ordered a bordeaux Gucci bouvier from them and it was real (I compared it to the ones they had at the NM KOP store - exactly the same), plus it had a security tag. Perhaps when they didn't have the tag there was a bait and switch going on. I see that Overstock now does it and that NAP has always done it! So I agree with the other posters who say to go for it, especially if there's a lenient return policy!!!
  4. It is strange how every style is the same price $999.99.

    That is a great price for all of them.

    But, I suppose if you were to think of the additional customs charges (in my case), could end up paying more than full price!:crybaby:
  5. They have some of the tall paddy satchels for $799:tup:. Get them if you want.
  6. I did! The first thing I did when I got it (besides fondle it for a while *dirty*) was submit it for approval in the 'authenticate this chloe' thread. :yes:

    And just because I'm a psycho, I also took it to Saks and had the resident Chloe expert inspect it like a fat kid inspects cake! She gave it the thumbs up too! :tup:

    I'm all for trying Overstock with the excellent return policy they have!!
  7. Okay girls...I HAD to check this out for myself since the prices were unreal! I ordered TWO large paddington zippys; the "brown" and the "dark brown"...guess what? THEY ARE THE REAL THING!!!! :tup: The brown is "muscade," which is stunning and I didn't even KNOW that the large zippy came in this color! only has the smaller zippy in muscade, so I thought that was it. The "dark brown" is Brun, which is a brown with NO red in it. :heart: Very much like a dark chocolate bar and just as yummy! I kept BOTH of them, even though I have this same bag in the "chocolate" from '06 but that one seems to be more like the reddish chocolate from '05, (maybe they used the same leather for the early zippys??) however, they didn't make the zippy in '05 so who knows:graucho:... In any case, my recommendation is that Overstock is wonderful...with the low shipping charge, no tax, and the great prices, plus REAL's a no brainer! :wlae::wlae::wlae:
  8. OMG beanie do you have pics? I've been longing for the large zippy forever and now they have it in muscade:drool:. I think I will order the it now:yahoo:. How long did it take for you to get it(shipping)?
  9. The muscade (same as nutmeg) is STUNNING! It took about 4 business days, since I ordered it on Sunday and it got here today (Thursday). Even though I ordered 2 bags, the shipping was still only 2.95! Extremely reasonable. :yes:I love the muscade. The brun is nice, I don't know how much I'll wear it though, because I have the chocolate, but for $999. for a large zippy...I can't resist! I think I'll be wearing the muscade a lot, since that is one of my favorite colors. :tup: I noticed that they also have what looks like the "gazelle" in the large zippy too, (but I have that one already....:nuts:)
  10. I'm new to Chloe, so pardon my ignorance, but are the styles on Overstock from last season? Are they similar to what NM is offering on sale these days?

  11. OOOO MMMM GGGG... MUSCADE???? :wtf: GO GET IT ALI!!! NOW!!! I recall in the "loved and lost" thread you said you wanted that zippy!!! :rolleyes:
  12. Yes, from what I gather, these are from 2006! I haven't seen the '07 leather IRL but it looks to be smooth and soft. Much of the '06 leather is thick, durable, pebbly, smooshy, soft and cuddly!!! And that's what I LOVE about Chloe leather!