Chloe Family Photo Album (let's see your entire collection!)

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  1. Yes, it’s Motty Grey.
    I love how the colour can change depending on the light or your outfit.
    It’s the perfect spring/summer bag that goes with almost everything.
  2. ....supplementing the rest of my collection with this beauty
    , a medium coconut brown watersnake print Tess.

    I fell in love with this combo when looking for alternatives to the smooth leather versions that didn't seem to wear well (scratches, etc) when viewed in store. Saw these pics on Fwrd and Matches, and imagined this version would be perfect for me.
    Thankfully, I was able to score this one when it popped up for 50% off during the recent Farfetch private sale. So amazing IRL and checks all my boxes!
  3. Holy cow! this looks like a piece of Art!
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  4. New sale purchases. Will unwrap later! I actually love the drew bijou clutch so much I've just ordered it in red.
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  5. My Lexa's new sister Marcie (blush nude color) arrived today! Marcie is preloved, but new to me and she is in practically perfect condition!! I can't wait to wear her to run some errands later today!
  6. Lovely bag ; - ))) I owe this Marcie in Abstract White myself - haven´t carried it for a while now ... last weekend I gave her a "beauty treatment" and now she looks like new again !!! I fell in love again and enjoy every day carrying her ; - ))) have fun with yours ....
  7. The handles are so solid (but soft and comfortable) and the leather is even more scrumptious than my Lexa! Marcie is my first pre-owned bag and I'm so in love!!
  8. 13E714F0-79F8-42A0-A817-D58F7E4C9D43.jpeg
  9. Hi ladies anyone know the name of the above bag please ? Thank you in advance
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    It's gorgeous!! I hope someone knows the name! I've never seen one before but I'm relatively new to the designer bag game.