Chloe Family Photo Album (let's see your entire collection!)

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  1. Just received my first Chloe! New To Me from Fashionphile and I’m absolutely obsessed! IMG_9658.jpg

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  2. My small Chloe collection.

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  3. These are my two Chloés: Paraty Medium, I think it was pinkberry and Chloé Nile Medium.

  4. ....recently returned to Chloe with these items
    tan Faye Day, sienna pixie micro/belt bag, medium caramel pixie, carbon brown Faye woc, tan small Faye, biscotti beige nile minaudiere, and mini marcies in nougat, tan and dark velvet
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  5. This is perfection this is what I strive for! I want other designers but I just love Chloe
  6. Oh my, what a nice collection! Love the all :biggrin:
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  7. FA22DAE1-54FF-4D20-9787-72E4997229EB.jpeg These are my Chloés: Faye, Drew and Nile.
  8. I'm especially in love with that Faye!!!
  9. I have never taken a family shot and been meaning to for ages.
    Here's the Chloe fam
    The Edith, Betty's (large and small chain) and Paddingtons (large 05 hobo, regular metallic bleu with black HW) mini in a mustard, and 2 pouchettes (actually i don't remember what the little ones were called.)
    Lavender paraty shopper and some kind of brown regular paraty. See by Chloe (with the black bow) large marcie in a very dark purple eggplant shade, and green marcie pouchette.
    My 2 favourites, this amazing deep delicious colour in the squishiest thick leather,
    The metallic bleu nuit paddington. Prettiest girl ever, not getting great sunlight right now but shes very blue.
  10. Oh I love them all!
    But getting this particular Faye was a real quest, so it’s a bit more special to me :smile:
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  11. I am so in love with your collection! What beautiful bags!
  12. ....supplementing the prior group pic with a few late season clearance deals
    late chloe.jpg
    nut small Lexa, nougat small Pixie, intense violine small Marcie, red small Lexa, saffron large Pixie and navy mini Marcie.
  13. Wouaw :eek: You have the PERFECT Chloé collection ! I love all of you bags :hbeat::hbeat::hbeat:
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  14. My latest haul :P
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  15. is this drew motty Grey?
    the colour is so crazy. sometimes it Looks Grey sometimes taupe