Chloe Family Photo Album (let's see your entire collection!)

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  1. Is that the crossbody in the medium and small? Do you use the small crossbody a lot? I'm trying to decide which one to get...
  2. Yes, it is. I use the small Marcies more than the medium. I don't carry much these days. The small is perfect for my needs. I still use the medium but rare and when I have to.
  3. Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum! This is my Chloe collection: large Marcie hobo in nut, Faye medium backpack in woody khaki, black medium Hudson, and the Myer small tote in motty grey.
  4. Hi All,
    I'm new to the forum and I recently bought 3 Chloe bags as in the pictures (Small Drew, Medium Fay, and Medium Hudson). Is it hard to maintenance the suede Chloe bag? Should I return the Drew because of the suede?
    Thank you
    drew.JPG fay.JPG hudson.JPG
  5. Many have discussed how the Chloe suede is easier to maintain than the leather :smile: I can't remember exactly what is advised for care and maintenance, but if you would like to keep your Drew looking pristine I would invest in a suede brush and suede protectant spray, and do a bit more research on the forum to see what others have to say about suede (in case I'm wrong, because I don't own any Chloe, I just love it from afar!)
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  6. Thanks so much for your reply. Do you have any recommend any brand for suede brush/protectant spray by any chance?
    Thank you!
  7. No problem :smile: I've heard good thing sbakut Apple Garde so you might want to look into that one :smile: But like I said, I don't own any Chloe bags so I would double check around the forum before you spray your bag with anything :smile:
  8. Gorgeous collection! I absolutely love the Chloe Faye designs. May I ask you what the official colour your medium Chloe Faye bag is called? Is it Silver Blue? I want it! It’s so beautiful. :love:
  9. Love love the Chloé Drew

    My next bag maybe will be the Faye, she’s still kind of growing on me
  10. My first Purchase from Chloe . Can’t decide which color I want so I got both :smile:
  12. Here is another one in gorgeous tan color
  13. Good choice! Congrats on your two new beauties. They are gorgeous.
  14. Beautiful Fayes and Drews, ladies! :heart:
  15. Lucky you! They’re absolutely beautiful! I love both colours!