Chloe Family Photo Album (let's see your entire collection!)

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  1. Hehehe thank you:smile: its one of my favorite travel bags! ;)
  2. Woooow beautiful collection! 👍
  3. I haven't purchased a Chloe in a few years. Currently, I lean more towards using my Chloe crossbody bags and other brands in general.

    I have been going back and forth on selling some. But every time I get them out, I just can't do it. Thought I'd share my oldies but goodies :biggrin:

    On my paddies, I played with it and relocated the key/strap so I don't have to use the lock. It is pretty heavy except for the one on the white. Now, I feel inclined to use them again. :smile:

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  4. Amazing collection!! :woot: which style do you use most?
  5. Thanks for the kind words :smile: These days, I use the small Marcie the most because I've pretty much downsized what I carry. I like being hands free most of the time.

    Now that I saw them all out (whichever I've never, I'm inspired to use the older ones again. My first one from almost 12 years ago still looks amazing :love:
  6. I agree, Marcies are everywhere, but they are discontinuing Paraty. I personally like hobo and crossbody styles nowadays.
  7. Here's my growing collection :biggrin:. I never considered myself a Chloe person, except that I have a tendency to look for relatively low-key bags that people won't instantly recognise and that I can carry books and heavy stuff easily. That made me start looking for Chloes. Had the brown hobo for almost a decade I just added the rest this year!

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  8. Love seeing new and old designs together. colors are fun!
  9. B!!! OMG!!! your chloe collection is amazing!!! holy s*** girl.... i wanna see your entire handbag collection!!! :graucho::graucho::graucho:
  10. Hello everyone! I have Faye triplets - love this collection so much... IMG_3892.JPG
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  11. Those Fayes are GORGEOUS!! [emoji7][emoji7][emoji7]
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  12. A stunning collection! Enjoy them very much. [emoji4]
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  13. My modest collection of 3 Chloes

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  14. :heart: Marcies. what's the color at the bottom left, skin?
  15. It's called Nut and resembles Tan