Chanel in Singapore

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  1. Hopefully There will still be stocks this sep
  2. That makes me feel good because I gotten the medium cch at the reduced price in june hehe
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  3. Hi ladies - I also posted in the SA recommendation thread and apologise for the duplicate post but wanted to also check here for your recommendation for SA at NAC? If you can PM me, that would be great. Thanks in advance
  4. Hellooo ladies! Any idea when is the September launch? And whether medium black CCH will be restocked?
  5. #16460 Aug 31, 2019
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    stock update in chanel nac per 31 august 2019
    1. chanel BA medium pink, coral and burgundy
    2. chanel cch small green fabric.... so sad no leather cch
    3. gabrielle bag small n medium in pink and burgundy
    lots of boy bag in many colour
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  6. IMG-20190831-WA0008.jpg IMG-20190831-WA0025.jpg IMG-20190831-WA0009.jpg
    IMG-20190831-WA0027.jpg IMG-20190831-WA0024.jpg
    IMG-20190831-WA0030.jpg IMG-20190831-WA0031.jpg
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  7. The SA said mid Sep, i.e around 13 Sep but she said not confirmed.
  8. CCH is going to take over the stores in a whirlwind...
    Those who are waiting for it anxiously, I suggest.. start stalking the stores anytime now.
    No reservations allowed.
  9. Hi Kristy0316, I was looking at the chanel website and notice the CJ section only eg. The 19b cc stud was sgd 590 but listed as sgd640 now. Sgd50 increase on CJ but then again 1) the website is not thta reliable as it do list stocks from prev collections that often not available in store 2) although the website list an increase of sgd50, I had went to store to checkout, the actual CJ was still the *prev website price (*note in Aug though). Hope that helps :smile:
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  10. Ah yes!! Drooling over the lovely stock reveals in Paris on IG.
  11. That isn't an increase. The $640 is the clip on variation. $590 is the pierced version.
  12. Ah.. maybe I overlooked the clip on part as too many things to check out. FYI, I do note for bracelets wise(no longer on website) the ones I was looking at were listed sgd50 more on the website a few days to a week apart, however still the same old price in physical store (*note last check in August). Just a note, as was browsing online frequently in August and wondering why the difference in price listed. But since no increase at physical store, please ignore then so as to not confuse anyone ;)
  13. Looking for a SA contact, preferably Marina bay store or airport. WOuld someone be kind enough to DM their details please?

  14. Errr there is no Chanel store in the airport. If you are looking at the cosmetics there is no standalone boutique but available via the perfumes n cosmetic stores by Shilla.
  15. Is it cheaper for me to buy a Chanel in Singapore than in US since I live where there is no tax? Any SA recommendation at Orchard store?