Chanel in Singapore

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  1. Anyone know when is the launch of 19K?
  2. New o case sizing which is between the large & mini. Thanks for letting me share.

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  3. Lovely red! What's the price for the new size?
  4. @Chloe_c
    Launched already. 19k stocks as seen in store display since end of Aug or start of Sep
  5. Gorgeous o case. Is this new size permanent piece or seasonal?
  6. To all Chanel experts here,

    1) May I know what the repair policy for costume jewellery and bags? Somehow, I always can't remember how many years of warranty /guarantee they have.

    2) Is the exchange timeframe the same worldwide? Is the exchange policy strict and rigid?

    3) Looking to buy a mini o case, I'm new to that. Is the price the same or different depend on design??

    TIA :hbeat:
  7. Thanks, Sulli!
  8. Hi! Can check with u ladies whom owns the chanel canvas espadrilles, where do u all send ur shoes for cleaning? Thanks!
  9. Jeeves.
    I recommend to avoid Colorwash. Very bad experience with the owner.
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  10. Thanks! I'm actually looking to wash the white colored canvas espadrilles. I sent it in to Bag artistan but they told me the shoes will turn yellowish. Gosh
  11. Does the store have Chanel 19 houndstooth beige and black small size?
  12. Hi, sorry for the late reply. If I remembered correctly was $860.
    Thank u.
  13. Hi, not too sure though. Sorry can't answer your question as I didn't ask the SA.
    Thank u.
  14. Hi, sharing these new purchases. Thank u for letting me share.

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  15. I thought only the classics went up.... even small Gabrielle went up by $190 ;(