Chanel in Singapore

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  1. I have PM you :smile:
  2. Hi , I'm looking for mini square in caviar leather . Anyone know that MBS or NAC have the stock ? Last week my SA from NAC told me only have pink color in lambskin.
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  3. Hi Sulli, which Chanel boutique you always going?
    Which price increase have you noticed? Mind sharing here?

    I surprisingly found 2 price decreases last 2 months.
    One is Chanel coco handle medium size from SGD5,680 to SGD5,460
    another one Chanel Vanity Case medium size from SGD6,600 to SGD6,190
  4. Chanel has stopped making caviar minis since a year ago. The last one was in 18B. We do not know if it will ever come back but was told definitely no caviar minis for the entire 2019 at least :smile: you have to get second hand one!
  5. Some of the SLGs also have decrease in price heh
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  6. Thank you Whitechozoc. At least I know no more hope in this year. Haiz....Should I get the lambskin or just buy the WOC in cavier
  7. Hi can anyone recommend me an SA in sg? Will be going this coming sep. Looking for black mini rect in lamb
  8. What color of minis did u see?
  9. Hi! I was looking for CHANEL Classic mini rectangular flap bag (A69900) in black with gold bag jewelry. It is ways unavailable when I came down to the store. Any chance that you’ve seen it?
  10. My SA told me there is the black rectangular mini in SHW
  11. I think go with what you prefer and what makes your heart sings! :smile:
  12. For 19B, the mini only comes in shw. There is no ghw :smile:
  13. Hi there! NAC or MBS?
  14. NAC ,he told me last Sunday so hopefully now the stock still there.
  15. I see thanks a lot!!