Chanel in Singapore

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  1. Anyone know if the Round clutch bag in light iridescent pink (19S) big white pearl cc logo still available in NAC or MBS?
  2. I was told they never bring in the burgundy in small size? Heh
  3. They are no longer available :smile:
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  4. Oppsss :yucky:
    thanks for reply!
  5. Hi, does anyone know if the red/grey in mini, small flap or boy bag out yet?
  6. Yes yes ive been offered the light grey too! They look white ish in photo but in real life they look more gloomy white... Hmmm
  7. Thanks a zillion!
  8. Yes, mini burgundy & grey. Saw both at MBS & Taka last week.
  9. Only avail in mini rect black and light pink and mini square in light pink at NAC today.
  10. Hi all. I am looking for the mini reissue ( any color) and the xxl flap. Has anyone send these two bags in SG? tk u very much for ur assistance :smile:
  11. Mini reissue not available anymore. But best is call the channel line to enquire and double check
  12. Is there still caviar cf in sg? Keep seeing purchases of caviar cf and camellia card holders on August purchases but there's apparently no stocks in here anymore?

    *is the markdowns still going on in chanel stores? Ask to see the cj they only show limited stuffs and non markdowns.
  13. Caviar cf (i presume you want black) is available but not all the time. Best to get SA to keep a lookout and reserve for you when stocks come in cos they sells out fast. Camellia cardholders are sold out from what I know.
  14. Thanks Whitechocoz,Im actually looking for non black caviar ones. Do you have any nice SA to recommend? I always happen to get served by not very helpful ones. Can you choose which SA to serve you especially the Chanel stores are always super crowded?
  15. Anyone knows if there's a price increase soon? Was browsing the chanel website, seems like quite abit of stuff have gone up in quoted price today compare to prev week (for cjs)