Chanel in Singapore

  1. This is continued from here.
    This is not a general chat thread. If you aren't discussing Chanel in Singapore then it doesn't belong! :biggrin:
  2. Let me start the ball rolling! :smile:

    My SA has just informed he has seen the pics of bags launching for fall! He said "gorgeous!" and yes there will be a clutch with chain for those interested! He is going for training tomorrow and will update me further.

    Cannot wait for the launch in Singapore!!
  3. Hi sg_bee

    Thanks for informing. Did he say when they are launching?

    I'm so excited. :P
  4. Hi bees!

    Do keep us updated about the launch !! So excited!! Would there be any mini flap???
  5. I was told by Jane through phone it's 2 August.
  6. Thank u for sharing the info sg_bee! U r a sweetheart.
  7. Clutch with chain?! Anyone know how much is this in SG? Thanks sg_bee for this info!
  8. OOoohh! I'm interested in the clutch with chain too. What colours would there be?
  9. Last ask is 3850 SGD
  10. Latest intel!! Omg thanks to sg_bee for the heads-up went to bug my SA again. She said there will be patent pink, green, dark grey, bordeaux, black. Lamb will be in navy blue, blue, light purple. I asked her about caviar and she said it's slightly different so I am not sure what she meant - she just said there will be calf in red and silver.

    I can't wait to see the light purple and navy blue. Hopefully the red will be the famous 12A red. So exciting!! :smile:
  11. the color you mention is for the Chanel flap clutch with chain or mini flap ??
    I am so excited !! Love all the color you mention !! Looking forward for the launch ~
  12. red ?! i love red colour. looking forward :smile:
  13. Red?! Excited!
  14. Hi! Any intel abt the price increase when they lauch the fall collection?
  15. Tks! Hopefully will have the red color & no price increase. 2nd Aug, must apply leave already!
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