Chanel in Singapore

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  1. from what my SA showed me and checked, it's only the fabric ones that are left.
    once the new collection , 19B comes in, the seasonal 19A will not be restocked.
  2. I have never seen a white coco handle before. But they had light grey for spring summer previously.
  3. Any 19B mini rectangle available in both NAC and MBS?
  4. It was launched on 25 July.... Not sure if there is still any stocks now
  5. Has anyone seen 19B's woc in beige in NAC store?
  6. Saw burgundy at mbs last night and black at nac today
  7. I was told sg did not order any beige slg this season. Only available in classic flaps :smile:
  8. Hi ladies. Any idea if camellia mini o case is available for this season? Thanks:smile:
  9. Hi! The design is available but sg is not carrying them unfortunately
  10. Thank u! Such a pity. Was hoping to get it in 19b dark beige since it's so nice..
  11. That’s a pity:sad:
    Thanks babe! You’re so informative.
  12. Thanks for the info! Looks like I missed it again...
  13. I think MBS still has them. Hurry go!
  14. Do you happen to know if MBS have the burgundy classic flap in small size? :smile:
  15. Sorry I didn't ask. Only saw the minis when they open the cabinet.
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