Chanel in Singapore

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  1. SA also not sure if it is permanent. No one knows. We will have to see if it comes out again in other season
  2. Yes gabby included. But only small gabby hobo has increase in price
  3. Hello everyone, long time lurker first time poster. Loving all your pictures of purchases! Just wanted to ask, I'm landing in SG on the 18th for a few days then off to Osaka before bouncing back to SG.

    I'm looking for a Med (maybe a large) CF in black caviar with GH, based on the service and how busy it is and stock, which boutique would you recommend? although I'm happy to scout more than 1 :smile:

    Would there be any preloved stores you recommend? as I may consider buying other items but i'm not too bothered if they've been previously owned depending on the price and condition etc. Do they also complete tax refunds?

    Many thanks for any responses!
  4. if there is only one to try, go for the boutique at Sands Marina Bay on a weekday before noon. I always feel welcomed by the team there.
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  5. If you able to make calls, feel free to call customer service and check for product availability before heading down to Chanel.
    • Takashimaya Chanel opens on 10am, you may call them at 10am : 6645 1900 (Normally they willing to check both stores for you)
    • MBS Chanel opens on 10.30am, number 6645 1950
    Agreed with @lomodes , MBS has better customer services thou :smile: I love shopping there.

    If you are looking at pre-loved route, recommended
    Note: Pre-loved items are not eligible for tax refund.
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  6. Thanks! This list of pre loved stores is super useful. Are these stores reliable in terms of authentication? Really concerned about super fakes these days especially when the resale prices are pretty high as well.
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  7. I second the first 3 shops. I have personally deal with lovelotsluxury before too :smile:
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  8. Hi I've been to the MBS store 3 times but I'm sorry to say that my experiences there were genuinely BAD. However, I also realized that after going to the Takashimaya store twice, their stock is really small and they are often missing even the classic items..
    So, dilemna. I've been super put off by the stinky service at MBS I always seem to get (is it just that I'm meeting terrible SAs? - one of them even argued with me over what colour a bag was -- like white/off-white/cream/beige/WHO CARES it's generally a light cream colour, it was the most ridiculous experience I've had ).
    Anyway, then do you happen to know which are the good SAs, so at least I can try and see if they're available next time I go.. Thanks!!!
  9. I used to go MBS most of the time before until i found a great SA at NAC.
    I must agree that not all MBS SAs are as great. But so far, MOST of them are pretty good and approachable.
    Try a male SA the next time you pop by.
    So far, the male SA are more willing to share.
    I never keep their name cards, but all my successful purchases are with Male SAs coz they really make an effort to find me what i want.
  10. I shop at the MBS store. When I first started my Chanel journey, I always found the staff at the Taka store to be less friendly and less willing to serve. Generally I find stock to be less in Taka as well.

    I love the MBS store and after I found my SA I’ve stuck to him and most of the time he can get what I what.

    PM me if you need an SA recommendation! :smile:

  11. Hi, Is there anyone here ever brought your Chanel (bag or accessories) directly to Europe to be fixed? I wonder what would the experience be?
    I have a Costume Jewelry earrings that sparkle needs to be replaced. An SA told me if we brought it ourselves to Europe, we could just wait on the spot for the piece to be fixed which I don't really think it's the case.

    Any input is appreciated.
  12. Is it still worth it to get a classic flap m/l? How much is it now? I am so eyeing any classic flap m/l in caviar leather!!!
  13. Hi, I’m not from Singapore but my experience may be useful for your reference. I bought a brooch in Paris but only realized the locking system is loose when I got home. Few months later I came back to Paris bringing the brooch for repair but the SA suggested that I put the repair order via my home store so I wouldn’t have to travel to Paris again to pick it up. Obviously couldn’t be done on the spot. It took up to 8 weeks (include shipping within Europe) just to tighten up the loose part. I assume replacing stone or other parts even requires them longer time. So I came back home and sent it for repair through my local SA and it took 4 weeks. I lived in French neighborhood. HTH
  14. @Iana24
    Thanks so much for the info. So we need to pay for the shipping even if it's done within France itself. Good to know that firsthand. I just feel perhaps the craftmanship there is more delicate and careful. The sparkle have metal securing it in 4 sides and i'm concern about scratching the metal when replacing the sparkles. It'd cost me SGD100 for 2 faux sparkles here and i just bought it last year and handled them with care. Chanel CJ is delicate pieces indeed.
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    Hi I am sorry I have confused you when I said ‘include shipping within Europe’. I was referring to the 8 weeks time frame. I lived in Switzerland so shipping is fast. I read somewhere that it could take 3-6 month to other continents. I was not charged for anything. Service was also free (maybe since it’s new) so was the shipping.

    What happen to the sparkles? Are they damaged? It’s so much money for replacing 2 sparkles. Indeed Chanel costume jewelry is expensive. Good luck with yours, I hope they can do better for you since it’s only 1 year old.