Jul 21, 2015
In all fairness, maybe there were not any SAs available to assist you at that time? I would imagine they have to finish helping the clients that are already in the store, and then begin their process of wrapping up for the day to go home. They probably have a list of tasks they need to do once the boutique closes in order to finish their work duties. I find appointments help in this matter, both for the workers, and for the clients so that the clients have a clear understanding of what to expect, and can have as enjoyable an experience as possible.
If that had been the case and they told me that, it would have been fine :smile: but all the SA's were just standing around chatting in the middle of the room. I was told at the door that as a rule they don't accept any more walk-ins in the store 15 mins before closing, but I got the 'once over' from the girl at the door too and she looked over her shoulder at someone, who shook his head, then said with the fakest smile 'nooo, sorry, it's really not possible'. I'm not slim and had arrived by bike, carrying my no-brand work bag.
All I'm saying is, if that is a rule, that they really should post it on their website. an easy thing to do to improve their service. :smile:


Jun 18, 2014
Morning all…I know we don’t authenticate, but I’m wondering what you think of the grains on this classic flap? It’s from a genuine reseller that I buy a lot from but the caviar grains look a bit flat to me? Or am I overthinking it? I know there are a lot of different caviars and I’m comparing to my old boy bag, which has bigger grains spaced differently. View attachment 5739395
I don’t authenticate but that looks beautiful. I think it looks like normal but again that doesn’t mean much
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Oct 5, 2022
Hi! I need your advice Chanel experts. :smile:
I purchased a medium flap a day before the price increase. When I got home, I noticed that the caviar leather looks flat and matte compared to my classic card holder. I prefer the shiny and puffy caviar leather. Will they still exchange it and honor the price that I paid for it? It’s only been 5 days and I got it in Saks Chanel. I texted the SA who assisted me in the boutique but he hasn’t responded.
It’s my first Chanel bag.
No, they will not honor the old price.
Can an iPhone 13 Pro Max fit inside a WOC?
Yes it does! I posted a pic here if you want to see:
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Hi all, new to this forum, I’m looking to purchase a denim Chanel bag.

Already have two WOC (trendy WOC in burgundy and WOC boy in black) so thinking of either a classic flap or Boy bag. Was advised against denim by my partner who loves denim but thinks it wouldn’t withstand wear and tear through the years.

Thought of purchasing either a light blue or navy instead to get the same vibes albeit not as raw and “cool” as a denim bag would be. And then tying a denim scarf/shawl/twilly to the strap to satisfy my denim craving. Would love some thoughts on this. Even better if you own a denim luxury bag yourselves and can advise.