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  1. Hi Ladies & Gents,

    Great news: Megs & Vlad kindly approved ONE off topic chat in each designer forum! :tup:

    So, chat away all you like in here and please remember to keep off topic chat to this thread ONLY. Let's keep it friendly and within tPF rules of course. I will sticky this thread later on.

    Have fun and enjoy!! :yahoo:
  2. [​IMG] Drinking a cup of cappuccino all by my lonesome self.... [​IMG]
  3. Hello.........
  4. Cool!
  5. ^I'll join you but make it a hot chocolate!
  6. Welcome! It's getting cosy and warm in here :wlae:

    We're having such cold and rainy weather here, a hot choco sounds good to me :tup:
  7. I love this smilie![​IMG] It's so you Nathalie.
  8. Hey Mon, good to see you! Thanks, I was just waiting for an excuse to use that smilie, finally found one, LOL!

    How's the weather in California? Does it EVER get cold there?? Please say yes, haha!
  9. Depends on what you think is cold. It was 67 (F) in my house this morning and I had to turn on the heater - brrrr! It gets to low 50's outside at night. It is currently in the mid 70's outside:sunshine::beach:.
  10. Great idea! I love to chat! It's never cold here in LA and I don't think we're ever going to have a winter here this year. That's why I'm hitting North to Seattle, then Canada to experiment a white Christmas. This will be my second Christmas in Canada. The kids want to make a snowman. My only problem is I can't wear any Chanel there. With the unpredictable weather, I'll probably limited to only Burberry and LV damier.
  11. Hey Sophie! Can I please stay at your house while you're in Seattle and Canada? :nuts:

    It's 37 F/3 C here right now, wayyyy too cold for me! [​IMG]
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  12. Nath, is 37 F/3 C consider cold? I think my body's limit is -15 F.....great temperature for skiing but not for making a snowman.
  13. It's been cold and very wet in NY. I hate that it gets dark already by 5pm. I can't wait for Spring!!!
  14. So I'm trying to pack as I type, HAAAHAAA.....can you tell I hate packing? :P Then I realize I have nothing to wear that is suitable for the cold weather and as usual, I love to wait til the last minute to pack. Maybe I should just bring an empty suitcase and buy everything new. :biggrin:
  15. Yes, or at least to me. We have had these temperatures or lower for months now and we didn't really get to enjoy a good summer here in Europe. Lots of rainy weather and grey days. To me it feels like Fall already started back in Summer, if that makes sense?

    I need some sunshine, you know? :hysteric:
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