What size phone will fit into the WOC??

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  1. Will a 6 or 7 plus fit into a WOC?
  2. Yes, 6S/7S will fit
  3. Yep my 6sPlus fits w/ some room still for my car keys, small lip gloss and credit cards
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  4. My 7plus fits and I can put my lipgloss and small key! Along w my credit cards and money
  5. In the main pocket right? I wished it could fit in the front pocket that way i can put other stuff in main pocket....
  6. 6s plus fits inside the zipped part.
    even if i put my iphone inside the main part, i can fit 6-key holder, small pack of tissues, car keys, usb cable for my iphone. for cash and cards i always use the card area inside the bag.
  7. The 6 can fit in the front pocket but I feel like it makes the bag bulge so I put mine in the main compartment.
  8. Yup it fits. I was using a thick, bulky case and I couldn't really put much in there but once I changed it to a thin jelly case I was able to put my iPhone 7 plus, keys, lipgloss and my Invisalign case!
  9. Maybe mine is not stretched enough? I bought the trendy woc back in April because of the turnlock hoping it will fit more with this... still havent used it, i tried to put my 7plus in the front, not doable if not stretching it out
  10. yes it fits! I usually slide my iPhone 7, cardholder, and keys in the main compartment. There's still enough room to put in sunglasses and small makeup items. I tried sliding the plus phone in there before and it fits comfortably. You can also fit the phone in the front compartment but I try not to add weight and its not as convenient.

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  11. Ok i think i need to be more courageous and stretch those pockets out!
  12. yess :smile: for the longest time I tried to baby the woc by putting really little things in there and then I noticed the woc actually expands with no problem so I just started stuffing whatever I could in there because at the end of the day the main compartment can hold a lot more things than you think but will still keep its shape! :idea:
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  13. Is yours lambskin? I am scared using my trendy woc due to the lambskin and i bought the blue one too.... i should had bought the so black boy woc instead, i would have used it already ...feeling so dumb
  14. Mine is calfskin. I have the boy woc calf with ruthenium hardware. I think its okay because lambskin is very delicate but shows the owners love with wear overtime. My friend has the golden class woc lambskin in black and she barely put much but theres obvious signs of wear from opening and closing the bag. The signs of wear is inevitable but its also beauty of lambskin. Just try to buffer out the scratches and avoid stuffing things with rigged edges :smile:
  15. mine is lambskin, quilted with silver hardware, classic model. i have since 2011 and it still looks puffy and apart from tiny scratches looks pretty new.