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  1. Hey fellow purse forumers! Was just wondering if the chanel prices went up in London? I have been been told that they have but dont see it online somewhere.
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    So sorry for the bad experience.

    I have heard some people make appointments with the SA. Is it possible those people had appointments? Or was it pretty clear they were just walk ins? And even if then the SA could have clarified it would be at least 20 minutes because they were expecting customers with appointments.
  3. Same thing happened to my in Paris, Rue Gambon. Me and my husband waited and waited and waited, people coming in and getting served and us just waiting. Well eventually after more than 30 minutes we were served but the SA seemed in a rush. Anyway, I didn't buy the bag I wanted because they didn't have it but I didn't enjoy the experience of being in there either. However, I was very well served at Chanel Galeries Lafayette. The SA was very very helpful and although they didn't have the specific bag and even though I said I wanted only that one bag, she showed me some similar ones although she knew I wasn't going to buy them. Now, that I call professionalism!!! She even gave me her business card in case I decided to buy one of the bags she showed me and I wanted her to keep it for me.
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  4. Just FYI for those of you who shop at the Chanel boutique in the Neiman Marcus at the Topanga/Westfield mall in Southern California - the Chanel boutique is closed. I was shopping and noticed the store is blocked off. I asked and was told the Chanel boutique is now closed at this location.
  5. Hallo! Your bag looks so elegant! I didn't know this model and just love it! I wouldn't worry if I were you as Chanel uses first quality leather, anyway. Bye!
  6. Well, I am using the new Chanel 19 and it is quite handy. Beige. It goes well with any outfit and any occasion.
  7. So random, but I noticed a ton of Chanel out lately. Lots of boy bags which I know are popular. How many bags do you usually think are fake? I feel a lot of the key chains etc. are fake but I'm noticing more ready-to-wear and bags.
  8. That is so disappointing and frustrating. I have had similar experiences with Chanel SA's. They almost seem to look down on you - or treat you as they are doing you a favour by serving you. The last one I saw at Chanel in Sydney city was so rude to me that I walked out whilst she was looking for a bag with another hardware colour. I had the intention of purchasing that day but she put me off.
  9. Yes, I went to that location late November and was told by a SA that Chanel will be limiting the numbers of boutique they have within other stores. I'm not sure if that's one of many other closures to come but I enjoyed going to that store. Now, my closest Chanel is in Rodeo Drive which gets very busy on weekends and there would be lines outside the store. Additionally, the SAs at this location is either a hit or miss. Some are friendly but most don't want to take their time to help. It's a little disappointing since I love the brand.
  10. Hi , Does anyone know when the first chanel boy bags were sold ?
    I've come across a 13 series for sale in black caviar leather with brushed gold hardware. Hologram reads 13947550 which would place the bag between 2009-2010? Were boy bags being sold at that time ?
    would appreciate if anyone can help :confused1:
  11. The answer to my tiny purse ProbZ. Out Feb 14.

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  12. What is the retail price of Deauville canvas drawstring bucket bag, not backpack?
  13. Any idea what season the trendy cc came out in yellow?
  14. 274D9722-7672-43EA-BB64-53D601B976E5.jpeg 4C624118-A95B-40C8-948B-7D1996DC9EB2.jpeg Does anyone have any idea what collection this Chanel jacket is from? Pink, black, white and grey tweed. Zip front. Crown CC buttons and camellia silk lining? Thank you!!
  15. Hello, the 08A at the top of the tag means Fall 2008.