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  1. Thank you so much!
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  2. I've only been to Chanel stores here in Asia and I haven't had a bad experience and I've always been attended to immediately. Did not buy anything, though. Still, I don't know why I still get intimidated going into a store for fear of being treated differently... when we all know for a fact we have every right to be there and be attended to. Does anyone else feel this way?
  3. I saw it in soho in January, I believe it came out in 2018 for spring and again for 2020 spring.
  4. Thank you, it is in Soho!!!!
  5. Does the classic flap range come in light gold hardware, or only yellow gold? Thank you! :smile:
  6. Hi, what is the difference between Chanel matelasse double flap and a classic? Thanks!

  7. They can also use a champagne gold, which is lighter than regular gold.
  8. Yes, It's so true!
  9. Two questions:
    1. During which season/series did the champagne gold classic flaps come out?

    2. Could somebody please measure the interior dimensions of the M/L Classic flap? I'm seriously considering returning my beautiful jumbo for an M/L because it's very noticeably heavy even when I have my bare essentials in it (and it's still mostly empty). I really love this bag and I'm not really sure what to do. I just want to know if my stuff can fit in an M/L.
  10. Pink!!!!
  11. I’m so sorry this happened to you. What should have been a fun experience was ruined. ;( I had a similar experience at Gucci before. No one asked us if my sister and I needed help even though the store was fairly empty. It was funny how when we came back later with bags from other stores, we were immediately helped. . But I hope you don’t give up on buying your dream bag. There are some wonderful SAs out there. I hope one experience doesn’t turn you away.
  12. Hi Everyone

    I am interested in the Boy bag. I have a few questions as I am relatively new to the world of Chanel...
    Firstly, is the Boy bag classed in the classic/continuous collection-V? Or does it change from each season e.g Cruise, Spring/Summer Act 1? I know there are seasonal colours but does the black change type of leather or hardware?
    I am interested in the black quilted calfskin with ruthenium hardware. Is this a hard bag to come by? (I am in the
    UK for reference). Also does anyone know roughly the release dates throughout the year for the London Bond Street store and any recommendations of SAs?
    Sorry for the questions, and of course in the current climate this information isn't a necessity. It's a nice way to 'escape' at the moment! I hope everyone is keeping safe!

    Thanks guys :smile:
  13. Hi everyone!

    Hope everyone is doing great!
    Does anybody know if a Reissue Mini/224 in Beige is easy to find? Are those seasonal or produced regularly?
    Same question about Classic Minis in Beige.

    Thanks guys :smile:
  14. I just pre-owner this style

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