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  1. Is this normal wear and tear?? Share you thoughts/opinions/comparison pics if you have a tweed....I really want to buy this but is it too worn out and saggy? Should I wait to find another? Is this settling? I love this style though...opinions? Resized_20200503_155605.jpg
  2. Quick question: How often does Chanel recycle their color choices? I know they release variations of colors per season but I’m curious how often they reuse the same shades. ;)
  3. Hi!

    I managed to order a medium classic flap before the price increase.. which is great!

    due to the current times, DHL will take longer to deliver (10 days) and it’s very hot and humid here.. I’m too worried that this would affect the bag in anyway?

    crazy right? Can’t help it!

    any advice?
  4. Did you order it through a Chanel boutique if you don’t mind my asking?
  5. Basically yes, through a personal shopper/friend who got it right from the boutique.
  6. Oh, nice. My SA at the boutique isn’t currently selling until they reopen unfortunately.
  7. Can anyone ease my mind? Lol sorry I’m paranoid!
  8. Ladies I got work that some boutiques reopened yesterday in New York Costa Mesa and Chicago
    I was told by a SA from Chanel at Bal Harbour although Florida not open yet
  9. Can I ask where it's shipping film and where you're located?
  10. Dubai to a different city not so far but the delays are exceptional during these times..
  11. Oh wow!! Fingers crossed it'll arrive in perfect condition. I'm sure it'll be fine :smile:
    XCCX likes this.
  12. Thank you so much!