Celine Sunglasses 2011- Where to find them?

  1. Yes, in Barney's. Although very cute, I can get the same look from a cheaper brand, I don't think it's a pair that I would necessarily invest my money on it. If I didn't know Celine that well and saw someone in the street wearing one, I could think it was from H&M or F21. But if that does not matter to you or you have the fund, then go for it, as I said it was very nice in person.
  2. I was just able to get a pair of large black audreys at Solstice in the Stanford mall in Palo Alto, CA . They also had the tortoise color. Neiman Marcus in the same mall had a pair of black Audreys too as well as other colors. All of the black Audreys were polarized. The other colors weren't. Hope this helps someone!
  3. Hi there, just wondering how long did your shipment from Voguest take - I have got no shipping confirmation or anything and its been a week....getting worried!
  4. Hi ladies. I recently had a pleasant experience with Otticanet after anxiously taking the risk of ordering from them. After being sent the wrong color of the "Preppy" sunglasses from Saks, I couldn't find the honey tortoise anywhere but there. So I ordered and in about a week I received my glasses in the States. Seem very authentic as I have held the same pair from Saks in person. I am happy! Just note that it takes several days for them to ship out, but when they do, the item comes pretty quickly. :smile: Can post pics later if asked, but going out of town now.
  5. Yes pics please. Wanna see the preppy in action! Mod shots please

  6. Ok, will do as soon as I get back into town :smile:
  7. Hello,
    I bought the Large Audrey off eBay and have just received them. They came in a suspicious (to say the least) case, in which the glasses don't even fit! :sad: The box, case and tissue are all marked with "Celine" instead of "Céline" but I can't find an obvious sign fakeness with the sunglasses themselves, could you please experts help a girl out?

  8. ^^ the sunglasses itself look ok. Maybe others can chime in to be sure. Not sure about the box and case but it looks like this is from the new manufacturer.
  9. Here I am wearing the Celine 'preppy' sunglasses in honey, as promised. I really like them!
    image-3504748044.jpg image-4217348808.jpg
  10. I like these a lot!! :tup:
  11. :heart::heart::heart:! Thanks for the pics. Do you have the Audrey's as well? If so which do u like better??
  12. Thanks! I do have the Audreys as well. I am still getting used to their large size on my face. I still love them but think these look better on me! Plus the tortoise is such a great color and different than my usual black.
  13. Gorgeous!!! (both you and the sunnies!!)
  14. Thanks, you're so sweet! :smile: