Celine Sunglasses 2011- Where to find them?

  1. Hi girls :smile:

    So I have fallen in love with the Celine sunglasses 2011! I love the detail on the side of the sunglasses and they are the perfect shape!

    I was wondering if you guys own any sunglasses from Celine? and where abouts I could find it online? :heart:. I have already done an extensive search but it seems very hard to get a hold off in Australia (somewhere that ships here)

    Any suggestions would be so much appreciated!

    Thank you :biggrin:
  2. If you're looking for that particular color or black, I think it's pretty much sold out.... But there are some other colors left in department feminin (www.departmentfeminin.com). The store's based in Toulouse, France, and they respond you back super fast! so I guess you can ask if they'll get more of that color (but I highly doubt it since it's been pretty a while since these came out), or take a look at other colors. I'm not 100% sure, but they still might be doing a worldwide free shipping.
  3. i saw these at jeffrey new york, but i'm not sure whether they ship international. good luck! hope you're able to find them.
  4. i love my celine 2011 sunglasses. i bought the blue color frames wich appear blue/black,
    and frequently wear them on my blog.
    great lenses! i got mine at Celine store in paris.
    good luck!
  5. I definetly need to get a pair.:graucho:
  6. Are these the new "Audrey" sunglasses based on the Breakfast at Tiffany's sunglasses?
  7. I just got this pair in black. They are crazy cool! I'm in the sates and was able to have a store in NYC do a charge send for me. I had to wait a while before they got a pair in though, Hope you find them, they really are a stunning design :smile:
  8. ^^Do you have a photo? I'd love to see! :flowers:
  9. Your're quite right beauxgoris, they are meant to resemble the sunglasses she wore on Breakfast at Tiffany's. I love that fact too as it is one of my favourite films and movie icons. :smile:

  10. I found them guys and in the colour "Havana" I wanted! A lovely lady suggested me a SA at Nordstrom so I am very lucky to have found them. :heart:. I can't wait to have them :yahoo:

    spacejacey A pic would be great :smile:! Also are the sunglasses quite big on? or more ray ban kind of fit?
  11. glad to hear you got a happy ending! i'd really like to see them, so please post pics.
  12. Thank you :smile:! I will for sure.

  13. Yay congrats! I have many sunglasses, and these are quite big frame (the biggest among all others that I have) but I really love it. I even wanna get one more in black!:graucho: I'm sure you'll love it too!!
  14. Ok, I'll try to take one later. But only if you post one too when you get yours;), hehe.
    Yes, the fit is similar to Rayban:yes:. You are going to LOVE them :biggrin: