Celebrity Wedding Rings

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  1. The beauty of opinions is that everyone is entitled to their own. IMO she probably feels obligated to wear it because it was given to her by her royal spouse while perhaps secretlyloathing the fact that she didn’t get to choose. There’s so many rules by marrying into a royal family that I wouldn’t be surprised if she was required to wear her official ring to all official engagements. No matter how iconic Diana’s may be perceived, due to the personal nature of an ering, I would still prefer Meghan’s as it depicts her personal taste.
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  2. I read somewhere that it was actually Harry who inharited Diana’s ring but he gave it to William prior to him proposing to Kate.
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  3. i agree. and it (the ring) means a lot to William. i always thought it was very touching that he wanted to give his mother's iconic ring to Catherine, it's a sentimental family heirloom.
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  4. Oh I feel the same! I wear a lot of estate pieces and have no qualms about them re bad luck or juju or whatever. But I wouldnt want to wear that ring for the same reason you gave. That marriage was just so unfortunate. Also - and somebody please correct me if I’m wrong - I read somewhere Diana chose her ring herself while Charles was in another room of the jewellers and that he had no real interest in the process.

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  5. I wear some vintage and inherited pieces so I don’t necessarily believe in the bad juju either, but there’s something about thT relationship. I remember seeing something similar, that the only responsibility he had with that ring was making payment. I also recall reading about his affairs, including with the current wife.
  6. Emily Ratajkowski, 27, has finally shown off her massive engagement ring for the first time since marrying Sebastian Bear-McClard back in February.


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  7. Hailey Baldwin's engagement ring from Justin Bieber

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  8. Is it two rings?? Two stones on one ring??
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  9. Whatever it is I do not like it. Strange style
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  10. ITA with you!! Very weird looking ring.
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  11. I don't hate it. I can appreciate that it's trying to be different (won't wear it). Wish the stones would have been more symmetrical.
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  12. Even though I'm usually one for symmetry, I rather like it. It's different, very true to Emily's style. The Princess cut is slightly askew though, which throws off the balance of the setting. I love the hammered gold band. Also very Emily.
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  13. Interesting ring(s)...I don't know if I like it; I know don't hate it. It will probably grow on me. It needs to be paired with a different wedding band, though.
    Is her face distorted in the selfie? It looks strange to me.
  14. Beautiful diamonds. But that ring is a hot mess. To me. Definitely would not wear it.
  15. Looks like she couldn’t decide what shape stone she wanted! Looks silly.