Celebrity Wedding Rings

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  1. Hillary Duff hot engaged to Matthew Koma
    Hilary-Duff-Engagement-Ring.jpg rs_600x600-190509074047-600-hilary-duff-engaged-ring-050919.jpg
  2. Lala Kent from Vanderpool Rules shows off engagement ring from Randal.
    Lala_Kent_ring_close_up.jpg details-on-lala-kents-massive-engagement-ring-from-randall-emmett.jpg
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  3. BA2A77DA-1CF3-4899-8728-72C829FC75A6.jpeg Alright - someone needs to post all the deets on Roger Federer’s wife’s ring!!! It is gargantuan!
  4. https://www.harpersbazaar.com.au/bazaar-bride/mirka-federer-engagement-ring-16875
    And Mirka Federer’s gorgeous hands and nails. And rings! (She has good hair, too, by the way.) Photo by Karen Salkin.
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  6. It seems to grow every year with every win. I think he bribes her with diamonds so he can keep playing :lol: Check her earrings -- they're huge as well.

    I wanted Roger to win -- as a long-time Federer fan and because I wanted to see the new bling on Mirka.

  7. :graucho::graucho: i did see somewhere that it was an upgrade from an already nice ring that wasn't very old!
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  8. When they showed her on screen I was also distracted by the size of her solitaire earrings.
    Loved that the commentators also joked about the ring not being costume jewelry.
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  9. :giggle: Mirka's jewelry been talked about many times. One commentator has joked that they should stop showing her on screen because his wife keeps getting ideas :lol:
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  10. Sarah Hyland is engaged to Adam Wells
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