Celebrity Wedding Rings

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  1. A brown diamond?
    No thanks. It is hideous.
    No freaking way.:lol:
  2. I think from a top view, it's not exactly pretty to look at. The stone is way too oversized for the design. As a sculptural piece, I get it, but execution-wise, it's not totally there. I kind of wish there was something more organic to the design rather than having a stone just stuck on like this.
    But, overall, I like it, especially from this angle. I think it's something different and unexpected and that seems to be the pattern with ScarJo's last e-ring anyway. If I could choose one it'd be her previous e-ring, an art deco design. But then again, art deco is one of my weaknesses.
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  3. I might be the only one but I like her ring, I think it really suits her style and I loooove the shape of the diamond
  4. It almost has a champagne color to it, which I like very much, but the overall setting and band... not so much. IMO, set like that, it puts the diamond in a vulnerable position for being knocked or bumped. I would rather see a stone that large set in something more durable and stable.
  5. I normally like the juxtaposition of large stones on dainty-looking settings/bands but those tend to be balanced in design so they're secure at least. This looks way too risky for comfort.
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  6. I agree. her new one is too large and too contemporary for my taste
  7. A Peaval:P or maybe a Poval?:P
  8. Well it is a high carat weight stone. But any coloured diamond is nice to gaze at for me:flowers:
  9. Yeah, I would take a canary or a pink diamond. But to me a brown diamond is hideous.
    I wonder if the diamond industry will be trying to push brown diamonds....
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  10. limon......why do you think black diamonds are so popular....:smile: DeBeers has a great marketing network. You know....Past, Present and Future....The Journey....Best Friends......and no offense to anyone who loves black diamonds. I think onyx is cool. I actually love the tea colored diamonds, but that huge ring is just not very pretty at all. She'll change it after a year or two of wearing it, I am sure.
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  11. I'm kinda surprised. wouldn't have thought she'd want something big and garish. I wonder if he picked it out.
  12. Freebie?
  13. I guess it's possible someone could be giving this away to try to popularize brown diamonds. Would be very unromantic though.
    Same as The Bachelor :smile:
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  14. If you look at the history of DeBeers, this is exactly how diamonds became so popular....giving them away in boxes and boxes to movie stars in the early 40's because at that time, everyone wanted to look like a movie star, so what a great way for DeBeers to market their product that had basically very little appeal until they discovered how much we desired to live the movie-star life. I found an article on it about 10 years ago, and it was fascinating. So, it could be the same, today....why not, eh?
  15. Ugly ring. Smh.
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