Celebrity Wedding Rings

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  1. I love princess Eugenie ring!
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  2. IMG_2381.jpg

    Did Michelle Obama upgrade? Perhaps for her 25th anniversary? She used to wear a smaller YG set.
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  3. Her ring is gorgeous, but I just couldn’t look at birdman and all his face tattoos for the rest of my life. Maybe she’s with him because he has a great personality, or more likely it’s his money.
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  4. Looks like it’s a possibility. I thought she had a solitaire with a plain yg shank and a plain yg band, but I could be wrong.
  5. Akon_Ring engagment2.png Singer Akon is engaged again. He believes in polygamy and she will be his 4th wife. His family is in the diamond business.

    Akon_Ring engagment1.png
  6. The Bachelor 2018
    Here is a picture of Lauren Burnham's Ring; Cushion Cut diamond in platinum setting with 170 round small diamonds and two Baguette diamonds on the side. Ring is set with diamonds on all three sides totaling 3.65 carats.
    Credit Life & Style The Bachelor 2018 Laurens Ring.jpg Lauren Burnham engagement ring.jpg
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  7. Bachelor 2018 Arie and Lauren The couple.jpg
  8. Charlotte Casiraghi (daughter of Princess Caroline of Hanover; granddaughter of Princess Grace of Monaco) engaged to beau Dimitri Rassam.

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  9. He got 4 women to say yes to marrying him...

    QUOTE="LOOKINGOOD35, post: 32047658, member: 6383"] View attachment 3967985 Singer Akon is engaged again. He believes in polygamy and she will be his 4th wife. His family is in the diamond business.

    View attachment 3967986 [/QUOTE]
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  10. Meghan markle’s engagement ring from prince harry

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  11. I wonder if Kate is somewhat jelly that Meghan had some input in her rings’ design. Although it is pretty, the sapphire with diamond halo looks more like a right hand ring to me.
  12. I don’t know if she’s jealous but I’ve always been in two minds about Kate having received Diana’s ring. It’s certainly beautiful and iconic but it’s a ring so weighted with history that I sometimes think it might have been better to just retire it, so to speak, and have it on display along with Diana’s more famous dresses etc.

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  13. I agree!
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    Yeah, jealous may not be the right word. Personally, as a married woman, I would feel a bit strange wearing a hand me down ring that was not my personal style daily.

    I also agree with you that the ring perhaps should’ve been retired. Some say preowned rings from divorcees hold bad juju, top it off with the horrific way she died, I wouldn’t want to wear her ring.
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  15. She is wearing one of the most iconic pieces of jewelry. She probably feels pretty smug about it and like yeah that's right, I got that ring that was envied and copied to death by others. She is probably proud of it, and the significance of her getting it - she is a royal now. If she was concerned about hand-me-down ness she would just wear her band, but she wears it all the time.
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