Celebrity Wedding Rings

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  1. Jessie James Decker's ring

  2. Better photo of the ring Prince Harry gave Meghan Markle. Reported the center stone is 3 carat cushion stone.

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  3. The baby is sooooooo cute! :tender:
  4. Elle Evans engagement ring

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  5. Paris Hilton just got engaged to Chris Zylka with a 20 carat pear shaped diamond.

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  6. [emoji15][emoji15][emoji15][emoji15] ooooh that is HUGE!!!! I have no idea who he is or how he makes that kind of $$$
  7. Holy crap!

  8. Oh my!
  9. That’s gaudy af!!! Only someone as tacky as PH would need a halo around that rock! She’s so extra!!!
  10. I’d like to see the “diamond” certificate on that one.
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  11. the answer is she paid for it. Kim K/Kris Humphries anyone?? [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]

    he’s a supporting actor on a TV show. no possible way he can afford a $2 million diamond ring.
  12. What show is he on? I’ve never heard of him.
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  13. The ring looks as real as her Louis Vuitton...

    The engagement might be phony, too.
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  14. He’s an actor. I never heard about him either!
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