cartier love bracelet: rose gold or yellow gold?

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  1. Almost all of my jewelry is WG, SS and platinum, but for my Love, I had to stick with the classic YG! I just love it in the yellow gold!

    However, depends on your other jewelry and your preference. For me, I liked the RG and thought it was beautiful, but my heart said YG!!
  2. I went for the RG. YG was really bright on my skintone and I wanted something subtle yet shiny lol.
  3. Hi, Ladies
    I would like to get a plain love bracelet for everyday wear but torn between yellow gold and rose gold. I have fair skin. Which one would you recommend?
    Also, do you think it looks better with loose fit or tight fit?
  4. I like both colours, but prefer rose gold slightly more.

    And I like the bracelet to fight rather tight (not too tight, of course)
  5. Cartier's RG is quite unique. I was given the RG and wouldn't mind the YG. :P
  6. i vote for yellow gold. cartier's rose gold is prone to fading/oxidizing and turns into yellow over time.
  7. Yellow gold.
  8. If rosé gold tends to fade to yellow gold , is not it better to enjoy rose gold in the beginning and then the yellow gold?
  9. Hmmm I'm partial bc I have yG and I love :smile: but if you have fair skin you can def pull off both looks . I too have heard RG fades to look like YG .... So you could have both
  10. LOL. I like the way you think!

    I'm not sure if this is a relevant point, but I have the trinity ring and the three rings still look distinct after a few years.
  11. I guess it's better to choose the gold you wear the most in your every day life. If you wear mostly yellow gold, yellow watch and bags and accessories hardware, than the yellow gold would be better for your Love.
  12. Haha, good point!
    I love RG. It will complement your skin beautifully. And it is really nice in combination with WG. If you have more YG jewelry, I would choose for YG
  13. When I was getting my Love, I intended to buy PG, but when I saw them both, I chose YG. Now I've added a PG Clou, but I like YG for my first piece.
  14. I've had my RG love bracelet for 5 years and it has definitely turned to a more YG tone (my understanding is its due to exposure to chemicals in water, when we shower or go swimming).

    Anyway, the screw motif markings around the bracelet (the indentations that look like the outlines of screw heads) still look kind or rosey maybe due to being recessed, but the rest of the bracelet now looks yellow. I am not sure if polishing it, or using a "Jewelers Cloth" will restore the rosey color to the rest of the bracelet. Overall, I'm still really happy with it.

    I'd go with RG because at least when new it has a rose coloring to it, and when it fades you nearly have yellow but with a hit of rose to it, so its the best of both worlds. Try both on and see which goes better with your skin tone.
  15. I have rg but would have preferred yg. Was hoping that it would fade to yg eventually like some ladies have posted but no such luck! Still rose as ever.

    I got loose fit because I can slide it off if I wanted to, gives me a bit more flexibility to remove it when I do sports and don't want to ding the bracelet...
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