cartier love bracelet: rose gold or yellow gold?

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  1. I'm getting my first Cartier Love Bracelet, and I can't decide between Yellow or Rose Gold. Any advice to help me decide? Thanks!
  2. I love all 3 WG, RG & YG but I ended up choosing YG & mainly because its the classic Love bangle but any colour you choose I'm sure you will love it.
    Look at what other colour jewellery you have when I chose mine I had no YG left at all only WG, SS & platinum but since getting my YG love I now have quite a few other YG pieces of jewellery :nuts:
  3. I have and love the YG!
  4. I have RG & absolutely love it! I tried on the YG when I was at the store just to make sure I've seen it against my skin & to know how I felt about it. In the end, the RG won. Cartier's RG is very subtle so it does not look coppery. I am now building my RG jewelry collection partly coz if this... :smile:
  5. Yellow gold.
  6. What kind of jewellery do you already have? Is it one color only or do you like to mix yellow and rose gold?
  7. I prefer YG because it looks best on my skin and because I think YG is so classic. I also have this thing about matching my jewelry to the hardware on my purses/shoes and since all of them are YG it was a no brainer for me.

    RG is lovely but I don't like it with YG. It looks nice with WG however.
  8. Rose for me. I find that it's the type of gold that looks best with my skintone.
  9. Most of my jewelry is YG. And so are most of the hardware on my bags. But I love the Cartier RG, so it's making it hard to decide.
  10. Most of the hardware on my bag is YG as well. That's definitely a great point. Thank you so much!
  11. Thanks for all the advice!!! I think I will go with the yellow gold, as it does look better against my skin tone. Will do a reveal later! :smile:
  12. I love yellow gold!
  13. I love the yellow gold and it just seemed to work better with my skin tone. You'll probably have to try them both and see what colour looks better on you.
  14. I adore the YG and that is what I went with as my first LOVE but one thing to consider - if you ever plan on buying a second and you know it's going to be a WG, I do think that RG and WG go better together vs. YG and WG... And least in my opinion. I tried mixing YG and WG and on my skin tone, it just didn't mix well. Cartier's RG is a dream, but you honestly can't go wrong with any of the golds. Such problems to have :graucho::graucho:
  15. i picked rg since cartier rg is so pretty. after 2 years it has faded somewhat to more yellow. it's kinda in between rg and yg now but i don't mind. it looks great when i wear all white gold jewelry or yellow gold jewelry.
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